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Nicolas Cage action movies tend to not disappoint me. I will admit some of his more experimental stuff can be massive dis-interesting flops, but he tends to know how to do action well. Having said that, I understand that once north of 50 as he is now means action films are much harder to make. Some running and stunts must be done by the actor themselves “to get the shot.”

Stolen didn’t disappoint me. It’s not as good as Drive Angry and not as horrible as Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans which is why I gave it 3-stars.

Stolen has the basic premise of job gone bad. Everyone thinks the one who went to prison hid the money and now that they are out, everyone wants their cut. Naturally there is a slight problem with the logic if the one who took the fall doesn’t actually have the money. Especially since no member of the crew will believe they don’t have the money. Eventually one of them resorts to kidnapping his daughter to force him to talk. Thus, the thief who wanted to reform is pulled back into the criminal world.

Yes, we’ve all seen this plot in a hundred movies or more. Guess what? For an action movie it works. All of the double crossing and architecting of the crime combined with shooting and chase scenes is why we watch movies like these. Some plot is good, just don’t get all focused on it when the high speed chase scene could also blow something up.

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