Putin Kicks Trump to the Curb

waving flag of united states of america
Courtesy of Seattle Times – Great Minds Think Alike

You are seeing a lot of posts and reports like this one in the Seattle Times about the 25th Amendment. I’m more interested in the articles informing us Putin has kicked Trump to the curb. Pulled the financial plug and turned his Supreme Leader back.

What I find most interesting is this article stating Deutsche Bank is cutting ties with Trump. When you watch the Trump documentary you find that this bank is how Putin via his Oligarchs kept Trump afloat through all of those bankruptcies. Trump couldn’t deliver on Supreme Leader Putin’s demands. Trump couldn’t even successfully pull off a coup with a lightly protected People’s House.

So, being of no further use to Supreme Leader Putin, the plug is pulled and the money spigot turned off.

The same article says Signature Bank has also closed Trump accounts.

Various articles I’ve glanced through are pointing out that when Trump is removed via impeachment or the 25th he loses those post-Presidential perks. Things like a Presidential library. I haven’t found anything that says he officially loses Secret Service protection.

Given that Trump’s next long term stop will most likely be prison, that Secret Service protection question needs to be settled.

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