Why Weren’t They All Mowed Down?

There has been too much focus on Trumps failed coup attempt and not enough focus on the real question: why weren’t they all mowed down?

I’ve heard some black people on ESPN asking this question, but I haven’t heard white people on main stream (not cable) media asking and digging into this question. Why weren’t they all mowed down? In a post 9/11 world when a mob breach the barrier why weren’t they all mowed down?

Could it really be in a post 9/11 that we don’t have a standing shoot to kill order when angry unhinged people breach the security barrier? Seriously? Wasn’t that squirreled away in the fine print of the Patriot Act?

Speaking as a white guy who was born a real Republican, not one of the Nazi’s we currently have in Washington, but a real Republican, I can’t see how a mob that size of blacks or Mexicans would not have caused Remington and Winchester to add third shifts at their ammo factories. I also cannot see more than five people in a non-white mob that size making it out without at least one bullet wound.

I’m just being honest here. When the soldiers of Trump’s coup breached, Capital Police should have burned all the powder they had. That was a Bona fide empty every clip moment. Everyone who breached should have left in a body bag. There is no excuse for it.

There was no excuse for 16 Shots

16 Shots documentary

There was no excuse for the Chicago (and other areas) looting happening during Black Lives Matter protests.

BLM Chicago looting

and there was no excuse for only one soldier of Trump’s failed coup attempt getting shot.

Make no mistake, this was a coup attempt!

Yes people, the kind of thing that only happened in third world countries Trump tried to make happen here. Like all things Trump it was (*&)(*&ed from the word go, but it was a coup attempt none the less. They came with zip ties in hand to take hostages.

You don’t casually bring handcuff zip ties to a peaceful political rally. That second photo came from this TMZ post. When TMZ is reporting on your “political rally” instead of celebrity DUIs that should tell you just how far you’ve jumped the shark.

You Don’t Even Try to See the Other Side

I’ve had friends (many now former) tell me this before we parted ways. They wanted to focus the Trump conversation on the policies. Policies that seem to change every few minutes.

Here’s a clue. If you can get to the policies (whatever they are this 15 minutes) you’ve already gone too far.

Prior to Trump, even Presidents I’ve hated could easily clear the first bar for office even in a drunken stupor.


You may not be the most eloquent speaker, have policies I agree with, or even the sharpest tool in the shed, but you have to be a human. On camera and in public you have to try and act like a human being.

Trump has been unable to claw his way up to that, the most minimal of standards for holding office. He doesn’t even try.

There are no policies to “get to” when the biological entity is an embarrassment to the species. None. Period.

I Saw This Coup Coming

So should everybody else. The mentally unhinged who follow Trump have been stoking it for a while. They’ve been planning this since about Thanksgiving. Thrice daily they have been getting their ladles of Nutter-Butter from Faux News and Yahoo (which for some reason seems to push a lot of Faux News content, event he royally debunked stuff).

Some of the nutters don’t find that fresh enough. They go to the 4chan, other conspiracy theory sites, and Facebook places where QAnon and and that ilk seem to post. The most ardent of Trump supporters want it hot and steaming, straight from the back of the bull. They don’t even want to wait until it hits the ground.

To see this coming one just had to open up the GOP Tabloids recently. The GP Tabloid in my area is the Kankakee Daily Journal. For some time now they’ve had this nutter Alan Webber spouting the baseless gospel of Trump. He went so far on November 28, 2020 as to deliberately plant the idea of Civil War in the tiny little minds of the other nutters following Trump. I’m sure if you check the other GOP Tabloids masquerading as “news” you will find similar “opinion” pieces.

The Aftermath

Best click that article link early and take a screen shot. I have a strong suspicion the article will come down once the FBI or Homeland Security shows up.

Oh, they will show up. One can only hope they show up with a no-knock warrant, but they will show up. Trump attempted a coup. Like all things Trump, including his Presidency, it failed. Parler is being kicked off the Internet if it hasn’t already been kicked by the time this post goes live. Why is it being kicked?

The three mega-corporations have accused the platform of continuing to post messages inciting violence even after the deadly assault Wednesday on the US Capitol by supporters of President Donald Trump.

Every publication, especially one that calls itself a “news” publication, that has called for Civil War, Revolution, or overthrow or endeavored to plant that seed must now be investigated. All things leading up to the failed coup attempt will have to be documented and those responsible criminally prosecuted. That is the aftermath of this.

Make no mistake.

Why any of the coup soldiers was allowed to get out alive will be at the top of the investigation. White people need to make certain it is. We need to make it blatantly clear that when a coup is being attempted deadly force is mandated, not the option of last resort.

Each and every white person needs to publicly and vocally ask “Why did any of them get out alive?”

Jury Tampering

The other thing to keep in mind is that if Mitch McConnell had not engaged in jury tampering, keeping Republicans in lock step ‘total coordination‘ with White House during the impeachment; Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick would be alive today. Trump would have been thrown out of office and barred from ever holding office again.

Chickens do come home to roost.

For Those Still Unwilling to Believe Nazi’s Have Taken Over With Trump

Listen to a real Republican and former governor. Arnold, you Da Man!

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