Microsoft and the Satanic Temple

Satanic Temple image

I have often referred to Bill Gates as Satan’s unwashed rectal sphincter, but I never thought Microsoft would confirm Satanic Temple ties. Truth really is better than anyone’s writing.

Yes, I have railed against Microsoft for decades. One of the most underhanded and corrupt companies to ever be unleashed on the tech world. The low quality of their products is legendary. Gardians of the Galaxy2 even makes fun of Zune! Let’s not forget Bill’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein and the Lolita Express.

This morning took the cake though. There in the Bing feed is Microsoft donating money to the Satanic Temple.

Microsoft Rewards go to Satanic Temple

Yeppers, you too can have your Microsoft Rewards donated by Microsoft to the Satanic Temple.

You gotta wonder, do they hire adults at Microsoft anymore? Does anyone actually vet what signs up to get donations? Can I just declare myself the Rollie Betterment Society, write a short pitch story and ask for donations from Microsoft and Bing?

There are problems with trying to automate the world. The first problem is it is a stupid ass decision. The second part shit like this will always slip through. Next we will see Ghislaine Maxwell legal defense fund getting donations from Microsoft and Bing.

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