Infinite Exposure – Pt. 49

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John was at his wit’s end. Despite all of his efforts and messages, UNI (Union Network International) was making progress gathering members. It would not be long now before there was a vote about the union in his own shop.

There were only three data centers left to re-locate here! Didn’t they understand there would be more money in their hands from the electronic transfer than a union could ever give them? No, they couldn’t. Only John and three others knew about the plan here. A few cell leaders who John handled the email for knew, but that was it. Even John’s new roommate didn’t know.

John’s new roommate was a fast learner. He picked up the basics of how the email operation worked in just a couple of days. When John got home now, the vast majority of messages had already been dealt with. He left links and printouts for his roommate to read on how to hide your IP address online, viruses, virus scanners, and a rash of other things that allowed you to remain a ghost online.

They were going to have to bring in another machine so the roommate could set it up and get his own communications hub running. The leaders were more than willing to purchase another notebook. In fact, they said they were going to purchase two. The second one would be for yet another roommate John was to train. At first John was upset about this, but then he realized he would have at least another quarter (probably three) before the data center migrations were complete and his plan could take effect.

“If only we didn’t have this union problem!” he said aloud, slamming his fist down on his desk at work.

“I know what you mean,” responded John’s boss.

The sound brought John back to his current reality in less than a heartbeat. It was unlike him to drift off and let things slip like that. Perhaps this operation was a bit too much for him. He was used to being a ghost who handled communications, not a covert operative.

“What is being done about it?” asked John.

“Next to nothing can be done at this point,” responded his boss. “They are recruiting people from locations other than here. We have installed security cameras, hired extra security, and watched. Other than the occasional pamphlet found on someone’s desk, there is no organizing activity going on here. Once they have more than 70 percent of our people signed up, they will bring in lawyers and force us to allow a vote.”

John barely heard anything after “more security.” This was exactly what he wanted to stop from happening. He didn’t want to kill his own people just to carry out this attack. He made a mental note to get access to the security tapes and assign one of his team members to pull all of them on the way out the door. He wasn’t certain how they were going to handle the guard in the security room yet. Perhaps he was already working for al-Qaeda and could simply be added to the team.

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