Chicago to LA

old cars on route 66

One thing which never ceases to Amaze me is what people go through to drive Route 66 from Chicago to LA and back. People fly here from other countries and spend the entire summer making the journey and seeing the sights along the way.

Yesterday I was leaving after having spent the morning visiting dad, and there were 3 rather old cars, one of which was in its semi-rusted “original” finish. Yes, I could have moved closer to get a better picture with my phone, but, when you’re on the side of the road with your hood up, the last thing you want is someone getting closer for a better shot.

white old car

The only reason I wanted to get better shots would be so you could read the logo. That thing which looks like a white racing stripe on the tail of the rear 2 cars was also in black on the front white-ish car.

“Route 66 – Chicago to LA”

Or something very close to that. These people found these cars, had that painted on them, packed a bunch of stuff (back seat of the white one almost looked like they were living in the car) and took off on “The Mother Road.” Given the fact they were in Dwight, IL and a couple of the kids looked school age, I hope they were on their return to Chicago. Why? They hadn’t gotten very far if they planned to complete the journey by the time school starts next week.

Some people do really good jobs documenting the sights they stopped to see. When asked, the people who’ve made the journey will always recommend the one or two places which really got to them. The more of their stories you read the more you realize, it really should be a summer long thing. Was this your summer?

Route 66 map



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