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Stupid is as Stupid Does

So-called “conservative media” hosts who railed against the COVID-19 vaccine are now dying like flies in clouds of RAID. They’ve been pushing worthless conspiracy theories like “The Big Lie” and vaccine misinformation for a while now. I hate to admit it, but a not insignificant part of me hopes most Trump supporters have been following the bad advice of “conservative media” hosts. I stole a quote from Forest Gump because Forest was at least smart enough to know he was not smart. (If you don’t believe that, watch the movie again when he finds out he has a son. “Is he smart or is he like me?”)

Texas Anti-Mask ‘Freedom Defender’ Caleb Wallace Dies Of COVID-19

3rd conservative radio host who condemned vaccines dies of Covid


The death of Marc Bernier, 65, who was a mainstay on talk radio in Daytona, was announced Saturday night be WNDB, the radio station he was affiliated with for three decades.

On Aug. 4, another Florida conservative radio host who had criticized the coronavirus vaccine, Dick Farrel, died from Covid-19 complications.

Last week, Phil Valentine, a 62-year-old conservative radio host in Nashville, Tenn., who had questioned the necessity of vaccines, also died from the virus.



I have blogged on here about anti-maskers before. I have blogged about COVID-19 vaccine before. Yes, I went and got my J&J one-and-done COVID-19 vaccine quite some time ago. All it takes for COVID-19 to get past our vaccine wall is enough stupid people who refused to get the vaccine. That’s it. This is a virus, it evolves with every new host it infects. Give it enough chances and it will jump the vaccine barrier.

Keep an eye on Florida

Ron DeSantis is an imbecile.

Thinking people know that when you get sick enough from COVID-19 to go to the hospital it’s not “just a case of the sniffles” as Imbecile-in-Chief Donald Trump put it. There is a not insignificant possibility you are going to die. Once you get sick enough to go on a respirator, there is a rather strong possibility you will die.

Florida is going to be a very sad tale. An imbecile for a governor that is trying to block all mask usage when, as of this writing, children under 12 cannot get vaccinated. There is a large anti-vaxer population in Florida, or so it appears. Give it another month or two with kids & teachers not wearing masks, and that is going to be a sad sad tale.

Forest Gump on the school bus

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