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The Trump GOP Pedophile Cabal

Turns out all of that talk about a Pedophile Cabal behind the Democrats was just the Trump GOP Pedophile Cabal talking about itself. I realize Trump Nutters rely on 4chan, 8chan, Professional Wrestling, Fox Fake News, and the Kankakee Daily Journal to get the disinformation they digest. If media outlets are running stories about “woke culture” you know they are a GOP tabloid. That is the current bile being spewed by the Trump propaganda machine. I wonder if that Nutter Times newspaper is still around?

Featured image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

I’ve written before about how Trump got in Office. That was a nine part series if you count the follow up how to fix America. What always befuddled me was where this whole Pedophile Cabal idea came from. I mean, yes, it will draw in the bible thumping nutters who would visit some place like 8chan or worse yet, turn on Fox Fake News, but, honestly, who would pull such a thing out of their ass?

Trump with Epstein
Trump and Epstein

Then there were all of the images that kept popping up. Birds of a Feather kept echoing in the back of my mind.

Trump and Epstein palling around

It seems like there are hundreds of pics online of Trump and Epstein or Trump and Ghislaine Maxwell

Trump and Ghislaine Maxwell out on the town

Yet the nutters kept spouting about a Pedophile Cabal running the Democratic party. I’m a natural born Republican and I didn’t buy that bullshit. Any thinking creature who actually looked at the Democratic party would realize that:

  • Yes, the Clinton Organized Crime Family can get a small handful of other corrupt politicians to defraud donors and rig the Democratic primary against Bernie. That’s not a Cabal, that’s a crime. They should all die in prison like Bernie Maddoff.
  • Getting any more than a small number of Democrats to head in the same direction is a feat akin to herding cats.
Cat herding

The Democratic party is really something like 300 parties just running under the Democratic name because they “aren’t Republican” and we have a two party system.

Things Start to Make Sense

Now, the Republican party on the other hand, that’s very top-down military organized. Lately it seems like Moscow Mitch hears what Supreme Leader Putin wants and issues an edict that Republican’s want that too. Damned few Republicans are real Republicans these days. Only ten have ethics and they were pointed out during the last impeachment of Trump. All the rest appear to be Nazi’s beholden to Supreme Leader Putin.

Recently we had Lindsey Graham and Senator Cancun saying the Republican party could not grow without Trump.

None of this really made sense until the Joel Greenberg story broke. The confession was telling. If we have learned nothing else from Black Lives Matter we should have all learned that cops don’t beat confessions out of connected white guys. Now things are starting to make sense. There really is a Trump GOP Pedophile Cabal and its existence was used as the framework for the Pedophile Cabal narrative being pushed on the nutter channels.

Yes, Matt Gaetz seems to be latched onto his buddy Joel Greenberg and at least one of them prefers 17 year old girls. I haven’t had time to read the entire confession or at least all of the confession made public.

Trump GOP Pedophile Cabal Gets More Real

Unlike the Nutter Times media outlets spouting baseless claims of stolen elections, voting fraud, and the Pedophile Cabal pulling Democratic strings, the Trump GOP Pedophile Cabal is looking more real every day. That’s an actual police confession.

Joel Greenberg, a former tax collector in Florida, said he and unidentified others paid a 17-year-old girl for sex and he provided the girl with drugs, according to court papers cited by multiple media outlets.

The Guardian

Everybody is now waiting to see who the court charges as “others.” One of those stories had some of this happening at a Trump Defender Gala.

The Daily Beast identified the woman as Megan Zalonka and described her as an amateur Instagram model. She accompanied Gaetz in 2019 to the “Trump Defender Gala” in Orlando, the outlet reported. She is allegedly one of more than 15 young women Gaetz paid for sex, a source familiar with the investigation told the Daily Beast. 


Oh, it’s not just these two

Remember Liz Cheney? A real Republican who stood up during the Trump Impeachment, unlike the criminal swill that makes up most of the Republican party these days. (I say that as a natural born Republican who is completely disgusted with the piles of dog excrement currently in Washington.) Well, the one candidate the GOP has found to run against Liz knocked up a 14 year old girl. I should clarify; the one and only GOP candidate I’ve heard of running against her.

Seriously Donald Trump? That’s the best you can come up with? Someone who knocked up a 14 year old girl?

As I said, every week it becomes more and more obvious that the only Pedophile Cabal in existence is the Trump GOP Pedophile Cabal. Only the Republicans follow orders. Well, the non-Republicans calling themselves Republicans like Mitch McConnell, Senator Cancun (probably going to prison for campaign finance violations), Linsey Graham (probably going to prison for attempting to interfere in election), and Rand Paul.

Keep Your Eye on Who Gets Arrested Next

They let Joel Greenberg cop a plea for a reason. We need to keep an eye on who the cops arrest next. Yes, even money Matt Gaetz will be coming up soon, but odds are the Trump Defender Gala had more “others” that will find themselves in the cross hairs of justice.

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