RIP – Willie Garson

Willie Garson

Willie Garson passed away at the tender age of 57. I’m saddened by all of the mention of ‘Sex and the City’ since the show was horrible. Many an ex-girlfriend made me watch that show and sit through the movies. Pretty much why they will always be ex-girlfriends, except the one who made me sit through one episode of Monk. (Worst writing on television.)

Willie had memorable appearances in cherished Science Fiction franchises. Star Trek Voyager. The X-Files. Quantum Leap. How could one forget him playing Martin Lloyd, the alien abandoned by his alien traveling companions on Earth in Stargate SG-1? Comet (an over the air channel) is actually running Quantum Leap and The X-Files in multi-episode batches now, but I’ve told you about that before.

One could say he found his true home in White Collar.

White Collar DVD cover.

Admittedly that was during USA network’s feel-good cheesy show period, but they fit the mood of the country then.

You will be missed sir. You brought an energy and consummate professionalism to every role you took on, no matter how small.

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