Comet Rocks!

Just in time for mandatory stay at home Coronavirus lock downs, Comet TV spends some bucks and begins airing some beloved shows from the past.

Battlestar Galactica image

Quantum Leap imageMy God! Scott Backula used to be young! You should see him on NCIS New Orleans now.

Sliders image

I remember watching “Sliders” a lot, I just don’t remember many episodes. I remember the one episode though. I called it “Pig’s Dream.” I have no idea what the real title was. They end up in a dimension where someone released a biological/chemical weapon wiping out almost all males, except for in Australia, making Australia a super power. The guys were pressed into service breeding a new generation. It’s hard to escape the whole “master race” concept, but I think they gave it the usual glazed doughnut treatment the show was famous for. By the end of the episode the guys were tired of putting out 4+ times per day every day and having to drink all of these nasty tasting protein drinks to keep their stamina up. They concoct a plan to escape the castle (or whatever it was) where “perfect” women constantly wanted sex from them.

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