So You Think Your Morning Sucked?

Imagine wandering around the house in your undies getting ready for work only to have a flash-bang grenade go off and SWAT come busting in while you’re brushing your teeth. One individual and his family don’t have to imagine it.

Thankfully this was just a bit of property damage and a petrified family. It really could have went sideways. Read more about it here.

Adding insult to injury, this wasn’t just a typo. I mean, a dyslexic transposition of digits when typing in an address for a warrant or keying information into dispatch would be tragic, but, forgivable. Hopefully you read that article, because that’s not what happened. They went completely by description without reading the mailbox out front. Seriously??? Warrants get addresses put on them for a reason people. You didn’t have anyone with you in plain clothes who could quick take a close look at the mailbox?

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