Lorem Ipsum Generator – How Cool is This?

Given all of the platforms I have to use in my geekly work, I tend to find a never ending list of bugs. True, most of the “support” people always want a production writer to “upgrade to the latest version” before they will provide even one nano-second of help. I recently went through this with Libre Office support/bug reporting system. People who engage in hacking on the fly (AGILE) always think you should be using the latest nightly build. People who are writing a 600 page book that is about ready to go out for editing don’t want a 12 year old boy kicking two legs of the three legged stool out from under them. Every time you go to the “latest build” there is a cascade of new bugs directly impacting you because that’s just how software is released today.

Hey, Microsoft started it! Windows 7 was sold as a new version when it was a Windows Vista bug fix. Oh yeah, Windows ME had its bug fixes sold as a new version too.

If you are lucky enough to have a document which is only text (who has that these days?) you can avoid releasing said text when providing a file showing the bug if you visit the Lorem Ipsum Generator. Most of us are either working on a book or being paid to write proprietary works so we cannot, under any circumstances, release the content as part of a bug report. (People who don’t write for a living simply cannot understand this.) Usually we have proprietary/copyrighted images in our documents as well and those can never be released without lots of client sign-offs.

Lorem Ipsum page

I don’t know if it has limits. I keyed in 900 paragraphs and it seemed to generate an awful lot of text.

Now word processor developers can begin to debug their horrible memory leaks/handling by using the output of this page to generate text documents. If you do just a bit of digging you can also find this site which has links to many useful generators. One of the better links on it is lorempixel. You choose a size and category and it “generates” an image for you.

Right now it seems like the only thing missing is some little geek hooking up Lorem Ipsum with lorempixel so a word processing developer could enter:

  1. Page size
  2. Number of pages
  3. Output File Format
  4. Number of images per page

Then hit generate and have it generate your 5000 page image laden memory handling test case. In fact, you would probably want to generate a 100 page file followed by several 1000 page files so you could test inserting a large file into a small file and all the dynamic memory handling.



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