Did the New York Times Hack Trump Junior’s Email?

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There has been much ado about the Russian email to Donny Junior. The New York Times appears to have been attempting to extort an interview from him threatening to publish the emails. What I haven’t heard anything about is just how the NYT _obtained_ those emails.

Okay, I’m a writer and have over 30 years in IT, but, even an ordinary email user has to realize no matter what the lawyers claim it wasn’t legal. The NYT was all up in arms when the emails of the DNC wing of the Clinton Organized Crime Family got hacked and where aired on WikiLeaks where they could be presented in their unfiltered state, but so far, I haven’t heard boo for an explanation on how the NYT obtained these emails _before_ Donny Junior published them.

Let us considered the life of an email message shall we? (I will assume none of you are text editing emails from the command line in a terminal only environment, so this is the general GUI oriented life.)

  1. You use either a Web interface or some locally installed email client and write a message.
  2. When done you click “Send” or the icon for it.
  3. If you used a local email client the message winds its way through various routers, cables and gateways to the email host/server providing your email service. Web interface users have the message directly handed to the host/server because you are running on the same machine (usually). At any rate the email host/server now has it.
  4. Once the host/server has sent the message out into the ether it sends back some indication of success.
  5. Normally the front end you used to create the message will try to now place a copy into the “sent” directory/folder at this point which means it gets transmitted again. Some email hosts/servers allow a user account to be configured to do this automatically thus removing the dual transmission burden. It becomes a burden when you have either a sucky Internet connection or a really big attachment.
  6. The host/server providing email for the receiver receives the message and places it in the “inbox” directory/folder for that user.
  7. At some point the receiver “logs in” via local client or Web interface and reads the message.
  8. If needed, they click “Reply and create a response and this process starts again at step 2.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but at no point in this process is there a step saying “send a copy to the NYT.” So, either the NYT itself hacked Donny Jr. or they benefited from the illegal act of hacking, the same thing they once decried as something akin to the end of morality in the Universe when it was done against the Clinton Organized Crime Family.

This is yet another in a growing list of espionage related acts the NYT has either initiated or aided. Earlier this year they were a Russian Agent, reporting the “sensitive information” revealed by the President came from Israel, information Russia did not have and information the NYT could not obtain without a heinous breach of the Espionage Act of 1917. They also totally ignored this same “highly sensitive” information had an airline/airport security conference going on soon where they were discussing the boiled down version of the information, carry-on devices being used as bombs. The NYT also acted as an ISIS Agent publishing forensic images of the Manchester attack which hand only been provided to intelligence officials.

Why put this here instead of my regular blog? While there are some coming here just to be entertained, most of the people coming here either are or wish to become writers so they are following us to learn how and what we do. You can learn a lot by watching writing styles and the word choices of a writer. As a writer you must also avoid working for a tabloid paper, unless that is the kind of reputation you wish to have. There was a time when the NYT was a beacon of journalistic integrity, but now it is looking up at the National Enquirer, hoping to one day aspire to their level of integrity.

Seriously, why isn’t Homeland Security hauling people from the NYT in for these dramatic breaches of national security?

If you want to be a writer and be respected, don’t ever pull the shit the NYT has been pulling the past few years. With the Manchester incident the NYT is actually guilty of the exact same charge they leveled at the President for his revealing the batteries in these new devices just need to be cracked open and thrown in a glass of water to potentially bring down an airplane. Why would Russia need to know about such a thing? Their commercial airplanes get brought down by bombs too.

So, did the NYT deliberately hack Donny Junior’s email or were the emails provided to the NYT by Russian Hackers who didn’t like Trump?

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