Speaking of Barr, Collusion and Election Meddling

Does anyone remember “a matter?”

Aw, come on, it wasn’t that long ago. Robert Mueller wasn’t tasked with investigating Justice Department Collusion, but really should have been.

There was such an uproar and calls for criminal prosecution. Official questionings and hearings happened. Then, poof. No second special investigator. No expansion of Mueller’s charter to include both Russian and Justice Department Collusion. Clinton really does seem to be the modern spelling of corruption and they just get a free pass.

Despite all of the reports on James Comey’s testimony, we see nothing in the news about an active criminal investigation. No criminal prosecution. Even the press doesn’t bother to follow up on the smoking gun testimony.

Asked about the handling of the Clinton case, Comey further questioned Lynch’s credibility when he told the Senate Intelligence Committee in June that he got “a queasy feeling” when Lynch allegedly told him to refer publicly to the Clinton investigation as “a matter,” rather than an investigation.

If Barr wasn’t so busy playing spin-doctor, playing off Trump’s criminal activities as just a bit of frustration, perhaps he could actually do his job? Nah, playing spin-doctor for someone as unhinged as Trump is a 90 hour per week job.

Maybe the Deputy could do this? Oh, that’s right, they quit.

Perhaps the third in line could conduct the criminal investigation into Justice Department Collusion with the Clinton campaign? Oh, that’s right. They took a job at Walmart. Then again, given Walmart’s history, they probably need more lawyers than the President.

As the fallout continues over Barr doing a Clinton under oath please keep reminding them nobody actually did this job.

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