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Ethics – Only If GOP Leadership Had Them

Being a life-long Republican what drew me to the party was the fact it had ethics. Long time readers of this blog will remember when I wrote a post about Richard Nixon. While he was arguably the most hated president in the history of America up to that point, he accomplished a great many things. One of the things he doesn’t get credit for is proving Republicans had Ethics. No maniacal loyalty to a sitting President, they forced him to resign for something that wouldn’t even get notice in the era of Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. They chose country over party.

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No Ethics Today

Today the GOP is running a Rapist with 34 Felony convictions for President. There is a serious probability he will be behind bars before the year is out if not the election. Adding insult to unbelievable injury Maga Nazi’s are even coercing a rape victim to endorse Trump. New York’s government was so shocked by E. Jean Carroll case they passed the Rape is Rape bill and it was signed into law.

Reagan Republicans and the founding fathers of this country are rolling over in their graves at the thought of any Trump presidency, let along a second one.

How can Evangelicals vote for Trump knowing he is a rapist with 34 felony convictions and then claim to be leading a Godly life? That’s got to be the living breathing definition of religious malpractice.

What Should Be Done?

Both houses of Congress must add a Constitutional Amendment barring anyone with felony convictions from running for or being appointed to federal office. We didn’t need it at the time of the country’s founding. People had ethics then.

Just like mobsters get banned from owning and/or running a casino, Trump has been banned from running a business in New York for three years. He should also be barred from holding federal office of any kind.

Like any good mob boss though, Trump put a member of the Trump organized crime family at the top of the RNC. Members of the RNC with ethics would not only amend the charter banning convicted felons from representing the party, they would refuse to pay his legal bills.

What We Can Hope for

Reagan Republicans still exist. We handed a Trump backed Senate candidate his ass in Utah. In a Jerry Springer eating-their-young moment Maga Nazi’s shredded a Trump backed candidate in favor of Boebert. Obviously he cannot control his frothing at the mouth backers.

Reagan Republicans don’t have to be that large in number, we just have to show up. We have to choose Country over Party. Gospel truth, we have to force the convention to nominate Nikki Haley from the floor. Nikki Haley understands.

We don’t want Putin’s Deepest Mole running the country. You can nominate Nikki, or even Will Hurd, from the floor and bar Trump from the Republican party forever.

It’s time for Republicans to have actual leadership, something they’ve been lacking for decades. Time for the party to get ethics again.

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