idiot phone user ignoring life image
idiot phone user ignoring life

Now that the Christmas holiday is over it’s time for me to get in touch with my “inner Bill.” If you’ve read other posts on this blog you understand that reference, if not, I guess you need to read more.

Media and pundits have been talking about how social behavior has become bombastic and blamed much of it on the previous Presidential election. They are wrong.

Rudeness exponentially increased with Apple’s introduction of the idiot phone. The current misbehavior by celebrities and politicians alike has gone predominantly ignored by the idiots who purchase these devices, especially if it doesn’t fit into 140 characters.

It was difficult in days past to exhibit the rudeness of an idiot phone user. Oh true, the stereotypical husband could hide behind the morning paper during breakfast occasionally muttering “yes dear” but that rudeness was limited to the length of the newspaper. In truth it was limited to the token few sections hubby found interesting enough to look at. The rest of the sections would be just as bad or worse than facing the music with their spousal unit so they either made a quick exit, skipping the rest of breakfast, or they faced the music.

Today we have unlimited rudeness brought to you by Facebook, Twitter, Bing and Google. You can continue ignoring life as long as your battery lasts, something made even longer by Apple slowing down non-current idiot phones. By rudeness, I don’t mean the content which may or may not be on those sites, I mean sitting in a group, staring at your idiot phone, tap, tap, tapping away while surrounded by life and loved ones.

Personally, I feel if you pulled down your pants and shit on the rug in front of everyone it would be less rude than amusing yourself with your idiot phone in front of everyone.

What prompted this particular “inner Bill” moment was, of course, Christmas. A few hours spent at a nursing home with a relative who rarely gets to see everyone, let alone everyone at the same time. This current social behavior is completely unacceptable and despite media and people attempting to normalize it, it simply cannot be normalized.

“Do they still make flip-phones?”

Doro 626 image
Doro 626

I got that comment at a gathering a few weeks ago when my phone rang and I looked to see if I recognized the number. Well, yes they do, this one is less than a year old. It was in my pocket where phones are supposed to be when you are in a room with others for a social engagement. Had it not rung I wouldn’t have taken it out to see who was calling. Truth be told, if it wasn’t the time of day and week when a few cherished friends call to catch up, I wouldn’t have even taken it out.

When you go to visit someone actually visit with them. Don’t be checking your Facebook and Twitter feeds unless they ask you to.

It’s a race to Armageddon. Will Amazon, the malignant tumor bent on destroying the human race manage to do so before Apple does. Holiday gatherings are a time for friends and family, not surfing on your phone.

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