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The Illegitimate Supreme Court

With the overturning of Roe v Wade, the United States Supreme Court has announced its illegitimacy to the world. It’s not just U.S. citizens and U.S. media saying that. Every legitimate news organization that practices actual journalism is running articles like this one in The Guardian. You overthrow a democracy by stacking the courts with people who enforce political or religious belief, completely ignoring the law. What we now have is Putin’s Kangaroo Court. It enforces the will of whatever it believes to be “the Supreme Leader” disregarding both precedent and the Constitution of the United States.

Oh, I’ve written about this before.

You cannot overturn Roe v Wade constitutionally. Period. Rights are acquired at birth.

from above post

Fetal Viability

For those who ignore the Fetal Viability Rule and for those who don’t understand, it exists because of the end of the above quote. “Rights are acquired at birth.” I spoke a lot about this in other posts. You become a citizen with rights when you are born. Prior to birth you have no rights. Doesn’t matter what your religion says. Doesn’t matter what you wish to believe.

If you change the definition to “moment of conception” you have:

  • Re-written the Constitution without going through the process for a Constitutional Amendment
  • Changed the definition of citizenship
  • Opened a booming new industry where people from third-world (or any) countries fly to America, have sex within its borders, and claim their child is now a U.S. Citizen no matter where it is born.

Supreme Court has to be legitimate to non-lawers

Hopefully you read the article from The Guardian. It really did a nice job explaining how Mosco Mitch McConnell helped create Supreme Leader Putin’s Kangaroo Court. I’m not a lawyer. I’m a geek who has to look at things, analyze them, both propose and design solutions to the problems I see. What I see here is a Kangaroo Court without any legitimacy.

Any person can look at The Ninth Amendment.

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

Amendment IX

The Justices completely ignored The Ninth Amendment because it didn’t allow for them to carry out their QAnon based Christian terrorism. If you read the work of fiction that is the decision to overturn Roe v Wade you will find the following:

snippet from decision

No, the Constitution does not confer, it also does not deny. You cannot overturn precedent and remove a woman’s right to choose just because your Christian terrorism beliefs tell you to. Once established, you cannot use the Constitution to remove a right unless you amend the Constitution to do just that. Shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. I’m just an IT geek and I can read that.

The Perjury Thing

AOC (I don’t use her initials to disrespect, her name is a mouthful for me to type) might have jumped the gun a bit on that. Lots of places have been looking into it. Most are saying the weasels greased their fur just right to slip through an imperceptibly small knot hole. There is one point where you might score.

were you asked to overturn

To get a conviction here one would need to find “those secret tapes” Trump threatened Comey with. You would have to find the ones for the Gorsuch interview with Trump. One also has a bit of interrogation fodder to use.

That’s what will happen

You Can Impeach Supreme Court Justices for Fraud

Fraud is one of the impeachable offenses. The grease on the weasel fur may make it easier to slide through the knot hole, but it squirts you out in the middle of what reeks of fraud. To understand this, you have to think of Theranos. Replace the roughly $700 million with “seat on the Supreme Court” and this becomes a much more plausible tale. They deceived “investors” (elected officials during the confirmation process) about this great product that would bring Utopia to the land (Roe v Wade is precedent and must be treated as such) and it all turned out to be a big fat deliberate lie. A jury of ordinary citizens can understand that. The Theranos story was in the news incessantly. Fraud doesn’t have to have a financial reward.

While you are contemplating that, sign the petition to impeach Clarence Thomas.

This is my belief. Until the Supreme Court decides The First Amendment doesn’t exist I will continue to believe it, possibly even after.

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