Challenge Your Beliefs – Pt 8 – Usenet Pt 2

Please read part 7 before reading this. Last time I tried to stress the use of Usenet Newsgroups for both research and marketing. They are quite possibly your best source of both finding obscure information and obtaining potential reviewers/customers. There are also some things the naive need to be aware of. By and large Usenet is still a text only communication system. Yes you will see some hosting services advertising they host binary groups, but unless something has drastically changed those binary groups aren’t like a Web page with cool…

The Search for a Worthwhile Hydrant

Living on a farm exposes one to opportunities for enrichment city folk just don’t get. This past Thursday I got to help my brother replace three hydrants across two different farms. These are barnyard hydrants, not those things firemen use in the city. By help I mean he stayed above ground operating the backhoe and handing things while I was mud puppy in the bottom of the pit. That pair of jeans and T-shirt are _still_ outside waiting for rain to wash the thickest of the crud off them, and…

False Illusion

Admittedly I’m way behind reading Time magazine. I’ve developed a habit where I only read a magazine if someone else is driving or I’m in the bathroom. (I know, that last part was a bit too much information.) A couple of days ago I read some article about the presidential race and they quoted some political mucky muck making the claim something was a “false illusion.” Now there is a good reason to never give a taped or live interview! Most of you are writers or at least trying to…

The Subtle and Persistent Lie

I’ve always found the most effective way to sell a lie is to sandwich it between two truths. That’s an old line I’ve heard many times. I even remember an interrogation scene in “Babylon 5” as well as other shows. For a long time it has been a mantra used by many scam artists. Why am I posting such a thing here? Because as a writer you are going to be asked to be a scam artist at some point. Most of you won’t even realize you are participating a…

Challenge Your Beliefs – Pt 7 – Where to Market

Please read Part 6 first. BEFORE you write an Al Gore Milton work, indeed any work, find your market. No, Amazon is not it. You need to find out how to reach the dear people who like to read such things. Forget about marketing on FaceBook and Twitter because every moose with ears is spamming those two mediums. They used to spam Linked-In back when it was relevant, but that was long ago. It’s like MySpace today. The first place you need to look is on Usenet. Yes, those are…

The Last Man

This, my friends, is on the top 10 list of worst movies ever made. I don’t know what they other 9 entries are right now, but I know this movie is one of the 10. I couldn’t make it past the first hour. About the time the Raphael leaves. This mind numbing rambling David Arnott’s character does about this Wasabi (sp? whatever) tribe is something only a research professor desperate to hang onto their government grant could care about. I have actually met people like this during my life. They…



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