Dream Recorder – Pt. 12

Dream Recorder

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“No need to grill her sis” Bobby interjected.

“I’m not grilling her to be a raving bitch or out of any dislike for her. You’ve chosen her to be the new matriarch of this family. She’s beautiful, intelligent and the quintessential Volvo driving soccer mom. Whether you know it or not you’ve chosen her to be the mother of your planned children and, rather shockingly, she seems to have volunteered to be a mom to your oopsies as well. That’s admirable. Many women change once they have their own children. Too many women really. They don’t want the evidence of past activities around to take attention away from their own children. Honestly, I don’t believe that will happen to her. Admittedly I don’t know her story but she seems totally grounded in family. Hard to believe you met her during your hard partying days, but there it is, you did and she’s here. You’ve told her too much to entertain any plans of casting her aside now.”

Turning back to Janet she asked again “How would you know if a dream you bought was one of your own?”

“I expect it would have familiar faces and places” she answered.

“The human mind is a strange thing” replied Gina. “I can tell you from persona experience it will attempt to inject familiar places and settings into whatever dream you choose to download. It tries to make the dream yours. Even if it was a dream you had before, most people don’t remember a dream when they wake. Even if they did somehow remember could they honestly say it wasn’t a dream they had after having a purchased dream they couldn’t remember? No, the online companies gathering every piece of your personal information they can get their grubby mitts on have far more to fear than I ever do, assuming anyone could ever pin it on me. What level of damages could a court assign for the recording of a dream lost when waking? None really. They can prove no intent of malice.”

“Unless they tie it to your stock trades” Janet countered.

“That would be insider trading and it happens every day. Only a handful of people are caught each year and they get caught because they involve others then make stupidly large trades. In order to pin that on me someone would have to first consume each and every dream of anyone who could have had a dream about something going on at their company. Then they would have to prove I personally consumed said dream prior to making a trade. That assumes I would leave such dreams in the database or leave any logs around identifying said dreams. No, I cover my tracks very well there. Even if such an investigation were to start I would hear of it. I can run this business from anywhere in the world. Besides, there are thousands of dreams from people with such information being consumed by thousands of people around the world. The people can take a lie detector test honestly stating ‘It came to me in a dream.’”

“Some of that is already starting to happen” volunteered Bobby. “I’ve heard of two recent company crashes where the SEC is trying to figure out how so many people shorted the company days in advance of them announcing bankruptcy. It kicked off a shorting frenzy. The big firms hid behind their algorithms. and most others were people shorting 100 shares or less. So far nobody has mentioned buying dreams from the Dark Web as far as I know.”

“And they won’t. The best selling dreams are erotic ones. Some buy the dreams of the rich just to see what they are like. Nobody wants to tell any investigators they frequent the Dark Web” stated Gina rather emphatically.

“So, you have a goal” Janet stated. “A database of two trillion dreams, set up off-shore protection for Bobby and his children, then you start to shut it down, the collection from the legitimate company that is and sell off the company.”

“Your in this now Janet. I will set up the off-shore businesses for Bobby and you. Even if we don’t get out of this clean we will get out of it incredibly rich. The kind of rich which warps minds. You will assume the roll of matriarch, caring for and protecting the family. Once this shuts down I may well leave America to pursue my next project. I’ve already started on it but cannot devote my full attention to it until this is tied off.”

“Do I even want to know what that is?” Bobby asked.

“I believe it is entire possible to record a human mind” Gina stated.

“Isn’t that kind of ‘out there?’” asked Janet.

“So was recording dreams before I did it. Not only did I record them I found a way to play them back in another. Five years ago genetically engineered babies were science fiction, now they are a reality. The question isn’t if but when some corporation will offer the service to the fabulously wealthy. Today doctors care harvest stem cells from a person and grow that person a new organ in a matter of weeks. That was also science fiction. In theory stem cells can divide forever. They stop when the body dies because all of the cells and organs they become have built in aging mechanisms. There is already CRISPR based research into turning that off. While it may not happen in my lifetime, that science fiction show which had an ancient race that cloned bodies and deposited a backup copy of the conscience into the new body will become very close to reality.”

“That has been more than one science fiction show” countered Janet.

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  1. Mind reading!!! This story is beginning to read as though it is a formula for morphing humans into aliens who only have a mouth so they can eat. Little tiny ears for sonic information but not for communication/reception. Vocal cords will go the way of the spleen and appendix. Gina might have to build a space ship capable of exceeding light speed so she can further develop that next step on another earth-like planet.

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