Dream Recorder – Pt. 11

Dream Recorder

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“I’m not challenging her. If you want her for a wife, have her. You having a legitimate family complicates things.” Looking directly at Bobby. “Dear brother, I believed you would die of AIDS or your dick would rot off. You were at the mount everything with a pulse stage of life and I expected it to last for years. Long enough for me to tie everything off. You would be wealthy and safe, if still alive, and I would be beyond the kind of wealthy most humans can begin to comprehend. At the current pace of dream acquisition the two trillion dream threshold won’t be reached for roughly another ten years. Janet is correct, dream collection is slowing. In large part because more people are consuming. Not just consuming; they are consuming to the point they don’t have their own dreams afterward. That’s a problem.”

“That’s why you are pushing to remove the skull pad requirement” stated Bobby.

“I wanted to tie this off, nice and neat” answered Gina. “If we could collect the dreams of every person with an idiot phone stupid enough to download one of our apps we could it two trillion in well under three years. Possibly in under two if we come up with another simple killer game app we give away for free. That would give me two years to get everything cleaned up. All traces and history of the dream collection software removed from the legitimate side of the business. The Dark Web side would always have its own. From that point on it would be a set it and forget it business. Once every few months the sites and their database would have to move to a different host, but that process can be mostly automated.”

“Eventually it will get shut down though” stated Janet.

“Perhaps” stated Gina tapping fingers on the table. “That really depends on how far I’m willing to go to keep it running.” Both Janet and Bobby got rather worried looks. Gina looked up and saw then spat “Oh, not that! It means I have to decide how many dreams I’m willing to consume to protect it or if I’m willing to find others who can remember dreams or dream while awake to learn the secrets of those coming after us. Once you know their darkest secrets they get taken out by it before they can get to you. So far it has worked well but there has never been more than a few coming for us at a time.”

“What about the drug companies?” asked Bobby.

“Oh they aren’t coming for us, they’re coming for our product!” exclaimed Gina. “Companies whose primary profit line was sleeping pills I shorted the shit out of. That ‘help me sleep’ feature Janet mentioned earlier is killing them. A drug free sleep inducing app which shuts off after the first hour. No side effects and tens of thousands swearing by it as a safe drug-free method of always getting a good night’s sleep. Crime and mental illness are down 30% nationwide, 15% world wide. Diabetes, high blood pressure and every other disease associated with regularly not getting a good night’s sleep are in sharp decline as well. The company which produces the FDA regulated version of our parents product stopped coming after us when one of my paper shells bought them. Guess what they’ve learned since then? Anybody?”

“It hasn’t hurt sales” offered Janet.

“Exactly!” exclaimed Gina slapping her hand down on the table. “They are selling those skull pads hand over fist because of our app. More importantly, people who try our app and get some benefit, but not enough, actually go see a doctor and get their device as well as professional medical treatment. The stigma is gone.”

“Aren’t you worried about the whole privacy invasion aspect of it?” asked Janet.

“How often do you remember your dreams Janet? Be honest. Only if it is a strange and horrible one which causes you to have a bad night’s sleep, am I right?”

“Sometimes a really good one, but yes, you’re right, not often.”

“Dreams are the waste product of a good night’s sleep” stated Janet. “I’m recycling them. Very few people have the ability to remember dreams and even fewer still could ever be trained. People can remember day dreams for a bit but very few people have brains which can receive our dreams while awake. The vast majority have to be asleep to the point of entering dream state themselves.”

“But you’ve always been able to remember dreams” Bobby offered.

“Not always, but since puberty, yes” Gina answered. “At some point the ability will probably go away. If it wasn’t just a timing thing and really had something to do with puberty, I expect menopause will take it away from me while it takes the ability to have children. As far as the privacy thing, when Google, Facebook and the credit reporting agencies have to start paying people for the data they’ve collected on them I will think about worrying. The EU will do it to them soon. They can buy their way out of trouble in America but the EU still has both balls and teeth. Elected officials in America are toothless eunuchs taking it in both ends from the highest bidder. They are little more than corporate fuck puppets and they volunteered for the job.”

“Here is a question for you Janet. If you used our Dark Web service how would you know one of your own dreams?” Gina asked very pointedly.

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