Thank You FTC

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On this Independence Day Weekend I want to send out a big heartfelt thanks to the boys and girls at the FTC for their work on robocalls. The FTC was pretty much a useless agency under the tutelage of President Trump, the most worthless President in the history of man; now that adults are back in the White House, we have adults operating the FTC and adults go to work.

I’ve written about robocalls before. With the do-nothing Trump White House people got conditioned to either turn on “allow contacts” (if their phone had that feature) or had to ignore every phone call that didn’t show a name from their contact list. This has been the major reason political poling doesn’t work. Political Pollsters were only getting the stupid people. Everybody else refused the call, usually automatically.

Gospel truth I’ve even used robocalls in a novel I’ve been kicking around. You saw some early work on it here. It’s almost sad to think kids won’t know what robocalls are in a few years, but that is the danger in using technology in a story. If it isn’t mythical future tech it gets outdated.

The FTC Run By Adults

FTC Robocall rules
What FTC has done lately

Snipped part of the screen found here just in case it went away in the future. Place close attention to the bullet point second from last.

Requiring phone companies to implement caller ID authentication to help reduce illegal spoofing.

from the FTC site image above

Over the past week I’ve had two robocalls. The first had nobody there and the second was almost a “legitimate” robocall. I blocked both numbers on my phone and now I have bliss.

Thank you FTC!

It’s important to point out that requiring phone companies to authenticate caller ID could have been done at any point in time during the absolutely worthless Trump administration. It didn’t take a huge budget increase for the FTC to issue that requirement. It was something most phone companies could already do but it was a pay-service if it was available.

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