Infinite Exposure – Pt. 10

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Both men wanted to know how Nedim had known the password. “It was obvious,” he responded. The digits in the file name were the longitude and latitude for somewhere in Chicago. All of the world heard about the great view from the Sears Sky Deck when “The World’s Tallest Building” was built.

At first, the files contained in this compressed file appeared to be nothing more than tourist snapshots. An odd number of them seemed to be focusing on the lake view, but all views seemed to be represented. When spread out, they would give you a full 360-degree view from the Sky Deck. This was followed by some shots which seemed to come from some air tour out over the lake. Odd vacation to be sure, but nothing incriminating.

Then they came to the spreadsheets. One contained detailed information about guard numbers and rotations for building security. Another contained information about police patrols and force size.

Following the spreadsheets were PDF files containing the original construction blueprints for the building. These showed the type of steel, and the quantity and placement of it. They showed the location and weight of the counter-balance units. A detailed discussion was also included from some architectural magazine story about how the smaller towers supported the main tower in those great Chicago winds.

Just to be complete there were also photos of the parking garage entrance, the various levels and even some of the supports running through those levels. One picture even went so far as to have a tape measure held up to the support pillar for size.

This was obviously a completed recon effort. All information had been gathered and delivered for those who make strike decisions. It was left up to the leaders to decide whether, how, and when to strike the target. They had Nedim make a copy of the entire directory where he had decompressed the file.

Both men were so floored by the scope and magnitude of what was going on they almost forgot to look at the last email. It seemed innocuous enough. It looked like a form letter from a technical support company. It was announcing they had closed his ticket number and instructed him to re-open it if he had any further concerns on this issue. At the end was a fax number if he needed to fax any screen prints or service contract information to the technical support. It was signed “John.”

After what they had just seen, both men had a hard time believing this was a routine business email. Nedim showed them the email he had sent technical support regarding an issue where his computer was locking up and their response about downloading a new set of drivers. This seemed to satisfy both men. Oddly enough, they both understood that Windows was an unstable operating system.

With that complete and the CD in the men’s hands, Nedim announced it was time for him to go to work. He actually was a software analyst by trade and he worked for an offshoring company, which meant he worked nights a few days per week so he could participate in conference calls with the U.S. Clients. Nedim had no qualms about taking money from infidels before killing them.

Once dressed and with lunch packed, the man who was supposed to be his friend from the university announced he would be walking with him to work. The other man would be delivering the information they had gathered to their superiors. During the walk to work, Nedim said, “I suppose you are also monitoring my work email?” There was no response from the other man. Of course there wouldn’t be.

The very first thing Nedim did after sitting down at his desk and logging in was to hand write a note.

Infidels at my door. Stay clear.

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