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How Do We Fix America?

You had to understand how it was an imbecile like Trump became President of the United States before you can ask “How do we fix America?” Please read the “How Did It Happen” series before reading this.

Why the blue wave didn’t happen

In the “How Did It Happen” series you learned that the Democratic party has basically become the Clintocrat party. It only cares about the foreign countries of California and New York. This attitude has been incredibly obvious since Bill Clinton became President and it has gotten dramatically worse as they try to put Hillary in the White House, breaking every law on the books.

The blue wave didn’t happen because nobody wanted to vote that into office. On the flip side, it appears some of the Republicans that got elected will end up in prison soon. As more Republicans engage in dirty tricks trying to help Trump steal a legally won election, more will find themselves on a journey to prison. You just can’t do that stuff.

What the Biden-Harris Presidency needs to do

The Top 10

  1. Fight COVID-19. They’ve already got a pretty good team in place and are wearing masks in public. Unlike the current imbecile, they actually listen to the people holding medical licenses. I’m still kinda iffy on the vaccine though. Until it has been a long time we won’t have any long term data on it. The “safety” data we have now just means it doesn’t kill ya quick. I would feel a lot better if this was something old we dusted off so we had some 5, 10, perhaps even 20 year data.
  2. Provide any and all assistance to the Manhattan district attorney’s office in the Trump tax fraud case. The White House has been blocking and interfering with that case for far too long.
  3. Pass a six month UBI even if you have to call it a stimulus package. You can’t get everything and you can’t save all of the businesses or bail out all of the states. It’s just too big a task. You can give $1200/month to ever person with the mandate that it has to be spent on food, healthcare/insurance, or transportation. Even if the vaccine was ready today it will take way more than a year to make enough doses for the world.
  4. Have Robert Muller (or someone equally qualified) appointed to investigate Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party’s donor fraud. When they took money and rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders that was wire and mail fraud. Some Bernie backers contributed believing it was a free and fair election. The Democratic party will never, under any other circumstances, regain public trust. Keep in mind Bernie Madoff got 150 years when prosecuting and sentencing those involved.
  5. Introduce and pass the Ethics in Income Act. Also known as Trickle Down With a Chainsaw. San Francisco passed Proposition L which is half way there. They are looking at it only from the tax side which is not the correct solution. The money needs to be put directly into the hands of people who will actually spend it.
  6. Double the IRS budget. For decades the IRS budget has been getting squeezed. Now they can’t afford the kind of high end forensic accountants they need to catch corporate tax cheats as well as those hiding money off-shore or engaging in schemes like a Double Irish.
  7. Allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices. Until then allow Medicare to buy all its drugs through the VA. The United States Veterans Affairs Department can and does negotiate prices. It is the largest healthcare provider in America. Combined with Medicare it could dictate pricing.
  8. Close the dosage loophole. One way drug manufacturers extend a patent is to simply change a dosage. Each time the exclusive patent is about to expire they introduce another dosage. Januvia recently started coming in a 25mg tablet to extend its patent.
  9. Pass a law declaring Internet access a basic utility like power, water, and telephone. It must mandate an Open Internet where providers/carriers cannot prioritize traffic based on services. This means one site cannot pay for a bigger piece of the pipe squeezing out other sites relegated to ordinary slow access. It also needs to mandate providers/carriers cannot provide their own content with faster channels than everyone else.
  10. Push through a constitutional amendment putting a woman’s right to choose in the constitution so Republicans stop trying to use the Supreme Court to rewrite the Constitution of the United States.

Where it stands

They already have a good start on number 1. Science and medical license are what is important, not political rhetoric.

The second item should be mostly a clerical function asking whoever heads up Justice to stop the department from inhibiting the effort.

Point four should be something they can get done in the first couple of weeks as well. Until there has been a full criminal investigation and prosecution there, trust cannot be restored.

Point three will most likely be a bitter fight but Humanity Forward (the Yang Gang) can help out a bit. When the reality hits that it will be six months before we have enough doses to open any significant portion of the country you will get less resistance from the Republican side; especially those up for mid-term election. According to this site, 21 Republican Senate seats will be up for re-election in 2022.

Memory of the Great Trump Depression will cast a long shadow. We could have saved a lot of lives and more jobs with actual leadership in Washington. Wearing a mask in public to set a good example helps a lot.

After that you are going to have some big fights. Ordinarily I would advise passing the Ethics in Income act first; before attempting UBI. Capping total executive compensation at any publicly traded company to 100 times the lowest paid worker they have employed anywhere in the world. Not just fines for those who break the law, prison time.

This leaves executives with a limited number of options and it should eliminate any further discussions on minimum wage. More money gets pushed (not trickled) down to the bottom and it has been proven many times that low income people spend most of what they make. The more they make the more they will spend until they cross some tipping point north of $80K. (For whatever reason that seems to be the income threshold where people start investing and actively planning for retirement.)

As it stands right now they are off to a decent start given they cannot actively do the transition yet.


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