One word and you have a story. It may sound tongue in cheek coming from me, but that is all you need. One word and you have a story. At least a writer has a story. We’ve all heard the […]


When you are a writer by action if not by trade, you continually write. Sometimes you only write in your mind, but if you are lucky you will find yourself near a keyboard or pad and pen when a story […]


Some years ago I was flipping through the channels in a corporate housing unit somewhere and I stumbled on to this popular cop type show. I do not remember its name, but it was the best of a bad situation […]

Teach Something No Matter How Small

I know many of you visit these pages looking for the magic bullet to turn your writing into a vehicle of immense wealth production. I also know there are hundreds if not thousands of people peddling books and services promising […]

It’s All About the Marketing

When people discovered Iceland they found it to be beautiful and welcoming. Being selfish as only humans can they named it Iceland and sent some of their number far and wide to tells of its name and location so others […]