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The Texas Power Outage – What Happens When Republicans Manage the Grid

The Texas GOP sat with thumb up ass for a decade yet continued to criticize California Democrats about the state’s power.

I went in for lunch today and turned on the news to have something on while feasting on grilled cheese sandwiches. I gotta say, GMA3 did a really good job holding the Texas Lt. Governor accountable. He came on camera and tried to push Trump-like fiction (alternative facts) as actual truth.

Keep in mind I’m saying this as a Republican.

Warm and Sunny Texas

Tweets Come Back to Haunt You

Even Ted Cruz blamed California power problems on Democrats

It’s just too bad Texas doesn’t have elections next week. I do hope you go to GMA3 and watch the video. I tried to link it here for you but WordPress simply would not embed or link in any way.

GMA interview

If the news hounds dig deeper they will find many GOP members dissing California power and blaming it on the Democrats even back to the days of Enron. If you don’t remember the DOT-BOMB flame-out you should add this documentary to your viewing list.

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the room

Pay special attention to the recorded energy trader phone calls where they were calling power generation facilities telling them to go into an unnecessary maintenance or test cycle mode during peak consumption to create shortages so they could sell more power.


When we are supposed to social distance, wear our masks, wash our hands, and stay home unless absolutely necessary, what does Ted Cruz do? Takes the family to Cancun. Right in the middle of a snow storm that knocked out power to millions.

Will you have the brains to remember that next election Texas voters? Will you remember that you were freezing, unemployed, and without power while Ted Cruz was flying to Cancun?


Texas GOP is trying to put out the Trump-like fiction that the power grid was fine until five days ago. No, it wasn’t fine! It was a shambles and you knew it!

How do we know the power grid in Texas was in shambles? Because much the same shit happened back in 2011 and there was a federal investigation. The Federal team handed a rather scathing report of things that needed to be done to winterize the power grid.

What did the GOP do?

They handed it off to the power company then immediately turned back to drinking lobbyist booze, eating lobbyist food and cashing those almighty lobbyist checks. Since this is Texas, chanting “drill baby drill” got you a pretty big check.

No Follow-up

I’ve been a Republican a very long time. Most of the time these past three decades I’ve believed it should be called The Thumb Up Ass Party. I’m serious. This isn’t the first Thumb Up Ass situation nor will it be the last.

Remember that “Defund Obamacare” mantra they were chanting before Trump got elected? They were touting themselves on television and radio that they were now going to “Defund Obamacare.” Oh so proud they were crowing. Healthcare providers asked the obvious question.

“What are you going to replace it with?”

Healthcare providers

Thumb came out of ass, turds hit floor, then they set about trying to cripple Obamacare rather than fix it. They certainly proved there wasn’t enough mental horsepower in the Washington GOP to actually come up with a viable replacement. All they had to do from the start was come up with a better plan and they simply could not follow through.

What the power investigation is going to find

In 2011 they yawned, handed the list of changes over to the Texas electrical provider and never followed up. At no point did the Texas GOP actually provide leadership. That’s what the investigation is going to find.

The GOP neither created a department nor assigned the responsibility to an existing department of obtaining inspectors and verifying that said changes had been implemented. We know this because all the same shit happened. I’m not the only one thinking this.

The Thumb Up Ass party sat around with thumb up ass, cashing lobbyist checks, while basically nothing got done.

In Many Ways GOP Reminds me of Chrysler

Chrysler PT Cruiser

Are you old enough to remember when Chrysler introduced the PT Cruiser? People ran out and paid above list price for basically a Dodge Neon with a growth hormone problem. No, it never looked good with woodgrain. The Jeep Grand Wagoneer did, but the PT Cruiser never did.

Jeep Grand Wagoneer

When Chrysler introduced the PT they promised everyone “Next year a V6.” That’s right, it only had a 4-cylinder. The PT was manufactured from 2000 to 2010 and it never got a V6.

You can find this story repeated time after time in Chrysler’s history. Regular readers of this blog are fully aware I used to own an Eagle Premier Ltd. I wax about it a lot when the topic gets around to vehicles.

Eagle Premier marketing video

For years Chrysler promised they were going to de-Renault the vehicle. The air conditioner and other systems Renault designed/built were the reliability problems. Even back then that car would get 26MPG at above-posted-speed-limits on the Interstate.

Like the PT Cruiser they just let it die. Thumb firmly planted in ass.

The Texas GOP handed off a bunch of recommendations then went right back to not doing their job. Thumb firmly planted in ass.

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