We’re all star stuff

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Rest in Peace Mira Furlan.

A grateful fan will always remember you as Delenn

We are star stuff. The universe made manifest while it tries to figure itself out.


You don’t know it (perhaps you do now) but your character’s words made an appearance in John Smith – Last Known Survivor of the Microsoft Wars.

JS: The Church of England was a religious organization, which ties into that God thing I told you we would talk about later. They had absolutely nothing to do with either Atlantis or the Atlantians.

SK: Then why are we discussing it?

JS: Because of the myth—Merlin created the fable—The Maid of Lorraine, which became fact. That, my lady, is the true beauty of the universe. She was only nineteen, had never known man and had a heart that flame could not burn. Makes one wonder just how much of a myth Merlin really was, now doesn’t it?

SK: If one is determined to think on such things, I suppose it does.

JS: Oh, you truly are a sad creature. That story and others like it are why we exist. Your people must not have saved even one set of Babylon 5.

SK: What are you talking about?

JS: We are star-stuff. We are the universe, made manifest, trying to figure itself out. The quote that explained it all!

Look into the sky on any clear night, and you will see more stars than the typical human could count. At any point in time, most of them will have planets and moons orbiting them. On any number of them will be some form of life the universe chose to create to work out a problem or find the answer to a question it asked of itself.

Each of these planets is a computer for the universe. Each of us is our own little self-modifying program. It gives us some basic instructions when it creates us, then watches and learns. Periodically, it decides to pursue a new set of problems and questions. That is when the universe chooses to reboot our planet. It powers off the human race but allows remnants of it to survive to speed up the solving of this new and more complex set of problems.

SK: How do you know the problems are more complex?

From John Smith – Last Known Survivor of the Microsoft Wars

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