Punching Trump as a Tourist Destination?

Who would have ever thunk that punching Trump would become a tourist destination? Until I found this article I didn’t even know there were wax images of him.

Featured image by Ajale from Pixabay

You gotta read that article. It’s funny. One museum put the wax dummy in golf attire.

One has to wonder just how much money a struggling museum could make if they had a mold and could just crank out wax Donald’s charging people $5 a pop to hit them? Maybe they could make it an event. People pay $5 each to watch the highest bidder at an auction just brutalize a wax figure?

Admittedly a wax dummy is not going to hold up like one of these:

Image by Antti Nyman from Pixabay

But it could be an entertaining five minutes that gets a lot of vaccinated people back into the museum.

Ordinarily such a thing would be considered distasteful and disrespectful, but after Trump tweeted this video

respect and taste caught the last bus out of town.

You can read about the unfortunate journey that gave us Trump in this blog series.

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