When Does a Yuppie Become an Ouppie?

This question entered my mind while exchanging email with a couple of friends an one mentioned “Yuppies in snow shoes” and another responded “I was one of those Yuppies in show shoes.” This triggered a dangerous thought process in my mind. At what age do you officially move from Yuppie to Ouppie. (Y = young O = old)I remember when the term Yuppie first came out. I was twenty-something and everyone who was officially a Yuppie was under thirty. I mean, people who were forty-something were “the old guys pushing retirement.”

I remember most of us snarking about thirty-somethings who tried to call themselves Yuppies. I think we even slipped them some coupons for Depends or whatever adult diaper product was on the market then.

So, at what age do you admit to being an Ouppie?

Better question given today’s economic and political environment, “When do you finally admit you aren’t moving up, just accumulating?”

Come on, they say honesty is the best policy.

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