The NFL’s Sunset Days

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It’s Sunday morning as I write this. I’m sure there will be a few more full team protests trying to spin disrespecting the American flag into something noble, or so the marketing agents say. That’s not just an idle phrase:

so the marketing agents say

This is a gamble to save a dying industry which will not end well. Oh, the spin doctors will try to hype it into something else, but the NFL won’t exist for too many more years. High schools and peewee leagues are dropping American football like a hot potato. The feeder system which creates players and fans is in the process of being disassembled by skyrocketing insurance premiums and injury lawsuits are draining the swamp which funds this industry.

Long before Yahoo Finance took this poll people stopped tuning into NFL. The primary reason would be Millenials don’t look up from their phones long enough to even watch a game. The secondary reason would be fewer slutty cheerleaders getting camera time. Are you old enough to remember when the Dallas Cowgirls were a media scandal which got their own television series? Sure, there is a fake reality show about them now on CMT, but, this show was when we only have 5 TV stations.

Yes, people tune into the Super Bowl, but, they tune in for the commercials, half time events and wardrobe malfunctions. In short, the Useless Bowl is just an excuse to get drunk and over eat with friends.

During recent years Will Smith starred in “Concussion,college football stars have walked off teams because of concussions and fear of brain damage and even NFL players have quit after earning a couple of million.

In short, American football is a dying sport. Disrespecting the American flag is not a way to bring it back. Nobody has a right to dis the flag. You can dis the prez, public officials, gubmint cheese and pretty much anything else, but nobody living in this country has a right to dis the flag, especially during the national anthem.

When I see this made for ratings bullshit going on I can’t help thinking football has become just as credible as Professional Wrestling. Next they will be bringing out Nazi’s, Sheiks and “The Progressive Liberal” to draw an audience on their way into television oblivion. I also think about all of those newscasts I saw as a child with pieces of shit burning American flags. Burning your draft card, well, that was between you, the government and law enforcement. Burning the flag just made you a piece of shit. In fact, if someone told me they dug through all of those newsreels and identified all of the flag burners were now CEOs and directors of Wall Street firms, I would believe it. Just a little piece of shit which wasn’t sufficiently dealt with being allowed to become a massive piece of shit.

I was too young to understand the phrase I heard being chanted loudly then.

America, love it or leave it.



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