Kathy Griffin – You’re Life on the F-List

Kathy Griffin imageAs long as the F is for Fired.

I must admit, I watched you quite a bit in your early years. Only an episode or two of your “D-List” show but you seemed to pop up in many other things. Many years ago I even attended one of your shows in Ohio. An SUV full of us decided to attend and it was a good time.

Angie Dickinson imageThat said, the one thing which kept me from enjoying what it is you do more is that you always seemed to be “on.” You never turn it off or tone it down and that gets really tiresome. I first came to that conclusion when you made an appearance on that Brovo channel celebrity poker show with Angie Dickinson. It seemed like you never shut up and you kept searching for some “shock jock” type line. Poker is a quiet game. A tiny bit of light banter between players, but that’s it. Your presence was like someone constantly letting loud farts in church. Once was funny, more than once no.

It is my sincere hope that you managed to bank your income from all of what you have done and that you are now ready to slip off into some quiet, out of the way place, no where near television studios, radio station interview booths or podcasting equipment. Find some kind of joy with a token few close people, walks through nature and possibly the companionship of a pet. If you must still be “creative” write your memiors but don’t go on tour to promote it.

Seriously, I liked you in your day. The New Years stuff with Anderson Cooper where somewhat childish, but on New Years, when everyone is drinking, that’s allowed. Making one’s career based on the “shock jock” model of always going farther is, by definition, career limiting. Once you go too far, you can never come back. You chose a career path which had a natural bell curve.

bell curve imageNow it is time to admit you are on that last tick mark at the right. Odd that you got there trying to be an extremist lefty in the now infamous photo, but you got there none the less.

Know this. I hold no ill will to you. Consider this an intervention. Someone stepping in after someone has destroyed their career in an attempt to stop the total destruction of life.

It’s time to joine AARP and retire from public life.

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