DirecTV Hires Adults

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DirecTV is finally pulling the plug on One American Nutter. Kind of shocking given ATT owns 70% of DirecTV and they helped create OAN. According to some of the reports I’ve read, without the lucrative DirecTV contract, the station fails.

Reuters did a good job with this story. They really dug into the origins and followed the money. The featured image of this post even came from that article. Speaking as someone who was born a Republican I have to say “conservative media” has been a *(&)(*&ing joke for over a decade and it just keeps getting worse! Unless you are a frothing-at-the-mouth-fire-bomb-and-shoot-up-women’s-medical-centers-with-people-inside-crazy you aren’t “conservative enough.”

I really thought the party was going to come to its senses after Carly Fiorina. She proved she knew how to get the nutters to assault women’s medical centers during her failed presidential run. (Btw, her staff failed her, she didn’t fail, just ask her.) Nope. Not only did they rally behind a worthless hunk of shit like Donald Trump; the frothing at the mouth crowd are still behind him.

Trump Turds

My God people! You spent hours waiting for JFK to rise from the grave and put Trump back in office! You believed a child sex ring was being operated by Hillary Clinton out of the basement of a pizza place. The sad realities are:

  • You don’t believe either of these ideas “jumped the shark”
  • These aren’t even the craziest of the crazy shit you eat every day

Here’s a clue for the Trump Turds. You didn’t “jump the shark,” you pole vaulted over it, a whale, and three dolphins in one go.

People lucky enough to not live in an area overpopulated by Trump Turds don’t have to listen to this stuff. There was someone on NPR the other day claiming the country isn’t as divided as Washington. They don’t live out here. Trump Turds have no connection to reality. We have at least one Trump Turd putting up a tiny billboard in the old Redwood Inn lot claiming “Trump Won”. Previously they had a “Rigged Election” thing up for months.

One American Nutter vs. Legitimate Media

People lucky enough to not live in an area overpopulated by Trump Turds don’t have to hear people saying:

  • fake vaccines
  • Coronavirus isn’t real
  • Bill Gates put a tracking device inside the vaccines
  • People just don’t want to work
  • and my absolute favorite “They’re just takin’ away our rights one by one.”

Physical evidence cannot sway these people. The December 2021 unemployment rate was 3.9% and pre-pandemic it was 3.5%. Point that out to them and they still say “People just don’t want to work”. The fact that many of the unemployed have school age children who cannot know when remote learning will be invoked doesn’t register. They keep spouting the Unemployment Benefits Myth even though the benefits ran out long ago.

People in media need to get out to rural America and just listen. Don’t stick microphones in people’s faces, announce who you are, or try to interview anyone. Just Listen.

Seriously, I’ve seen Red Necks that don’t understand the first thing about technology race out and purchase a “smart phone” so they could have someone install nutter feed apps on it for them.

Fox News isn’t any better

Seriously, I don’t know how they can keep a broadcasting license. How you can run non-stop fiction and call yourself a news network is beyond me. How anyone could have Tucker Carlson on their network and make even the faintest claim to journalism strains the mind. Allowing the Tucker Carlson January 6 fiction to be created, let alone aired pretty much proves Fox chooses to be One American Nutter rather than cling to even a tiny shred of journalistic integrity.

I really think it is too late for those jumping ship after that. If you don’t think people would believe such an outlandish work of fiction see above. “They’re just takin’ away our rights one by one” when it comes to wearing a mask during a global pandemic.

Speaking of Fox, Laura Logan, how far you have fallen. I had never heard of you before your appearance on “60 Minutes.” It seemed like you had the chops to be there or at least the beginnings of them. There there was the Benghazi thing. But you got to come back for a bit. Then you were gone. Then you proved your were perfect for Fox News trying to rewrite the history of the Benghazi train wreck. Hey, why not? Facts mean absolutely nothing at Fox News or to the Trump Turds. Then there was the Nazi comparison and you disappeared from the airwaves. You should sue them for sex discrimination. Tucker Carlson can say outlandish things with no basis in fact and he gets to put together multipart specials on them. You just get canned.

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