It’s time to join the #NoTrumpPardon movement. Take a pledge to never vote for any candidate that says they will pardon Donald Trump and follow through on it! It’s really that simple to prove you might be a real republican. Donald Trump is a biological mistake in human evolution who should have never been allowed to occupy the White House. There’s an awful lot of people hanging their heads in shame because they voted for him now. An even bigger list is trying to hide the fact they voted for him.

Thankfully USA Today is keeping track of GOP candidates that would pardon Trump for us!

First, we must acknowledge this.

Pardon Power

The president’s pardon power is set forth in the Constitution and is considered an expression of forgiveness typically granted if an individual accepts responsibility for a crime and establishes good conduct for a certain period of time after conviction or completion of a sentence, according to the Department of Justice.

As long as Donald Trump insists on spouting the “Witch Hunt” and “out to get me” and “election interference” lies, he has not accepted responsibility for his crimes (plural). By definition he is ineligible for pardon. His standard deny/deflect/blame others tactic bars him from pardon.

Vivek Ramaswamy

pardon Trump promptly on January 20, 2025 and to restore the rule of law in our country

His Tweet

Believe it or not he actually sent that Tweet out. You will never get my vote. Despite the fact I like your wanting to get rid of the H1-B program so CAT, John Deere, and other big companies cannot import indentured servants who cannot complain without being sent home and are generally paid dramatically below market wages (especially in IT); you have proven you have no F-ing idea what rule of law is.

See Pardon Power above.

Between this and your obvious lack of any foreign policy knowledge you are starting to sound like a rich dude who thinks he can purchase a dictatorship here in America. Ukraine gets every bullet, bomb, missile, and weapon we can make this side of a nuke. That’s the position of real Republicans. Ending Russia is priority #1. We’ll have to eat the debt until they can repay us.

Chris Christie

Man you really let me down with this.

Christie also said that he wouldn’t want to see a former president − especially one of Trump’s age − behind bars, arguing that’s something to be taken into consideration.

from USA Today article

I was ready to forgive you for the bridge traffic thing. I was almost ready to forgive you for helping the steaming pile of excrement (Donald Trump) elected the first time. Jared Kushner really screwed you over when it came to White House positions, just for putting his crooked daddy in prison. Was cutting you some slack for that but in the end it looks like he did you a favor.

Will Hurd

Gospel truth, until I saw your name in the linked USA Today article I didn’t know you were running. Still don’t know who you are, side effect of being in Clandestine Operations I guess? Probably tuned you out because George Senior Bush was head of the CIA who made a really shitty President. Thanks for putting this site up.

Here’s what got you my respect.

“Here is why that this is frustrating to me,” Hurd said. “Donald Trump knew the kinds of information that he had and when you look at the classifications of these documents, these are information that if got in the wrong hands would lead to a loss of life. That is what makes this case different and the fact that Donald Trump willingly kept that material and he wants to be the leader of the free world is unacceptable to me.”

Yeah, you understand it. He stays in prison until his bones turn to dust. Full disclosure. After looking at your site I sent you $300. You need to get interviewed on NPR so thinking people know you are running.

Asa Hutchinson

Another candidate I know almost nothing about but at least you show this much common sense.

In an interview on NewsNation last month, former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson said that it was “almost juvenile behavior” to sign a pledge to pardon Trump if elected. He also called on Trump to drop out of the 2024 race and said a pardon “should have no place in a campaign or a serious discussion of the office of president” in an interview on Scripps News’ “Morning Rush.”

I did look at your website quickly and it seems like you are running on a moderate abortion position (which does play well) and slashing government debt which isn’t going to play well at all.

Nikki Haley

Of everyone running, you make the most inexcusable statement.

“When you look at a pardon, the issue is less about guilt and more about what’s good for the country,” Haley said. “And I think it would be terrible for the country to have a former president in prison for years because of a documents case.”

I have heard time and again your claims of hubby currently being deployed. You of all people running should be signing a pledge to let him rot in prison till the end of time. Just leave his body rot in the cell as a warning to others.

We will never know just who died as a result of his flashing extremely classified documents around trying to impress people. Have you forgotten the Chinese spy? She didn’t need all of that equipment. All she needed to do was get hired as a janitor to get access to the store rooms. Who managed to poke around in the storage rooms is a question we will never really know the answer to. The clandestine nature of the stuff means whoever got killed will never make the news in America and be tied to these documents.


You can read the USA Today article for the rest of the positions (or lack thereof). No level headed thinking person is going to vote for anyone leaning towards pardoning Trump. #NoTrumpPardon

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