The New York Times Finally Catches Up to Midwest Sensibility

Barnes & Noble store imageAnyone who reads this blog or my geek blog knows I have been railing against for years. Back when Linked-In still mattered and there was a writer’s group I belonged to on there I was notorious for “educating” the “authors” trying to play the Amazon lottery. You know, those unedited or worse, self edited, Kindle books some of you have fallen victim to. They would come in wanting to know how to drive traffic to their Amazon page and find out they shouldn’t be doing business with Amazon at all, as either a buyer or seller.

Here are a few of my more recent rants against Amazon.

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Feel free to search this and my geek blog for the term Amazon if you feel like reading more.

At any rate, the New York Times has finally woke up and smelled the coffee. It has begun to realize that Amazon’s killing off of Barnes & Noble will decimate many communities even worse than Amazon has already decimated them by running so many mom & pop retailers, the ones providing decent jobs in the local community, not to mention shopping malls which no longer provide senior citizens a place to walk and teenagers a place of employment.

I have said it many times. That “good deal” you get on Amazon is just a little bit of poison for your home town. The poisoning of your home town isn’t just the other guys fault, it is yours. You bought stuff from Amazon so you are the reason the shopping mall closed and the local specialty store disappeared. You’re the reason so many around you are unemployed.

A good many people hate President Trump. Personally, I’m not fond of him. The White House shouldn’t be an adult Day Care Center and the Presidency shouldn’t be a fake reality TV show. Having said all of that, if he manages to shut down Amazon, he just might have been worth it. The economy just might recover. Not the Wall Street economy, the real economy. The blue collar worker world which has fallen farther and farther and farther behind watching the Clintons and Jamie Dimons of the world commit crimes, stay out of prison and get richer.

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