Tate Publishing Closes It’s Doors

Came across this article about Tate Publishing closing its doors and quite frankly was shocked. What shocked me was the implication they were a vanity publisher or not exactly a publisher. Here are some quotes which made me believe that.

Mary Detweiler, an author from southeastern Pennsylvania, has published four books with Tate at a total cost of just under $12,000.

Lightning Source, on-demand producer of print and digital media based in Tennessee, is also suing Tate Publishing for nearly $2 million in money owed,

This is what I’ve suspected about a great many of the “publishers” which have surfaced in recent years. Basically repackaging Lightning Source or some other major POD player’s services. I’m rather shocked LS let them do things on account. Successful printing companies get paid in advance.

Before you sign anything with anyone, check them out completely. Ask to visit their printing facilities. True, some major imprints will job out smaller runs but odds are against them jobbing out to a POD service.

I have said this many times before and will continue to say it as long as I’m alive. It is impossible to make significant money on ordinary books using POD. The per unit cost is astronomical despite what you believe about the low up front cost. On a technical or school type book having a north of $80/copy list price, you can make POD work. You can’t make it work with standard paperback that needs to be priced under $7.00.

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