Get the Tech Right

It’s amazing just how dated something appears when it gets the tech wrong. This is a massive problem for movies and a significant problem for writers of all types. Coming from an IT background I notice these things pronto. So […]


Lately, the memoir genre has been growing on me.  I’ve come to the realization that not all of the work in this genre is a ride through another’s world of self indulgence and aggrandizement. Not all of it is “…a lesson to the wise,” […]

Get the Format Right!

Since some of my compatriots on here have been talking about reviews, and I’ve been posting some thoughts on DVDs, I thought I should point out the one thing which almost certainly ensures an “empty the colon” review. The wrong […]

How Much is Too Much?

Over the decades we have had books which pushed the dark boundaries. I’m not talking about satanic or twisted sexual rituals, I’m talking about the dark arts of taking human life and exposing corruption. Unless you are only going to […]