Did You Like Forrest Gump?

A few nights ago a friend called to chit chat. Yes, even writers have friends. He got talking about books and movies and eventually he got around to “Forrest Gump.” He talked about how only people old enough to know […]

Always Leave an Easter Egg

Easter eggs are a time honored tradition in most of today’s science fiction. This is the hiding in plain sight of something which came from somewhere else. Not an entire script or story line, but rather a nugget of information, […]


Yes, I got dragged into a discussion on Usenet the other day. Since some of what the poster was spewing gets repeated as gospel but has little to do with actual facts or science, I decided I should discuss it […]

Be Sure to Get Perspective

One of the things you learn the hard way in both writing and IT consulting is getting perspective. People want to believe something is true so they push that as the problem to solve. As a writer you may believe […]

Just How Much Editing?

Oddly enough I kicked the post I had scheduled for now to later in the year because I really wanted to talk about this.   The title of the post should explain it all. Just how much editing are you […]