Lesedi – The Greatest Lie Ever Told

Lesedi book cover

Lesedi book coverI sat on this novella a while, but I finally released it. Considering how big a role the Statue of Liberty plays in the underlying story I really couldn’t justify waiting to roll it into a bound trilogy which probably would take me years to get out.

SmashWords should be done chewing on the title soon and it should get pushed out to all of the regular places, sans Amazon.com. To be successful in life one must never do business with Amazon as either a buyer or a seller. The book also has its own Web site which you can find here.

It’s a really odd kind of thing to have written a non-released novella during the 2014 NaNoWriMo contest only to see the current situation in America. Lesedi himself, not born of this country and with no intention of becoming a citizen, ever, was deeply influenced by the Statue of Liberty and its plaque. Given all of the current bru-ha-ha on the news over recent Trump executive orders, etc. I decided to share and make it cheap enough to not bust your book budget.

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