Twenty of Two – The Infamous They – Pt. 47


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“Anyway” she said shaking her head, “Illinois is the anvil the hammer is striking now. Despite all of the governors that state has put in prison, the one currently in office is the worst they’ve ever had, and that is saying something!”

“What can putting one more governor in prison solve?” I asked.

“Oh, he should have been in prison long before he got elected. Somewhere someone paid a lot of bribe to keep him out of medium security. You forget,” Melony paused to make certain my total attention was on her, “I’m a CNA who works at a nursing home. Cutting the staffing level to cause those deaths, there is no way management stays out of prison, unless someone took a bribe. I can’t believe AARP isn’t still pursuing a criminal case against him. Talk about letting down your membership.”

“No,” Melony continued, “it doesn’t have so much to do with him as what the puddle of shit is doing and who will replace him. Gave himself a $750,000 tax break in a bankrupt state then caused a budget stalemate for two years and relentless attempts at bailing on both pensions and health care for retired state employees. This caused a domino effect of dentists and other health care providers going out of business because they made the mistake of accepting Illinois State Employee Insurance which didn’t pay them for years.”

“This state, as before, will decide if American continues as a nation. It’s a bell weather for how much elitists have corrupted the country. If Illinois doesn’t pass a graduated tax making the wealthy pay their fare share, American will go down with it.”

“As before” I queried.

“You really never did pay attention in history! Be honest, you slept through high school and they graduated you anyway!” she exclaimed.

After her best disapproving mom look she continued. “Illinois sent forth a lawyer to become President. He served with integrity over the bloodiest and most unpopular conflict in this country’s history. At least until Little Snot Nosed George committed wire fraud on a massive scale, spouting Weapons of Mass Destruction out of the television sets so he could invade Iraq without any form of exit plan or documented mission, other than to make defense contractors who helped fund his campaigns richer, that is.”

“Many in this nation were willing to have a dividing line and let the south become its own country. Other nations passed laws banning slavery, but America fought a war to purge it from both it’s shores and the core of the human condition” Melony explained.

“We are now at such crossroads again and once again Illinois will decide if the nation stands or falls. Wealthy elitists have made certain slavery has returned in all but name. Hell! Marco Rubio’s student investment plan is government sanctioned indentured servitude. You can forget about that year cap on repayments. There will be an amendment to some other bill which quietly removes the cap so you pay for the rest of your life. Let’s not forget their constant call for Right to Poverty states. They call it Right to Work, but it is just another phrase for slavery and poverty” Melony stated.

“At any rate, Illinois is the most critical of the 8 wealthy person paradises” she continued. “States which put an exorbitant burden on the working class by having a flat tax which benefits only the really rich. There is no way to make any government well and truly work without a graduated tax. Flat tax is just another term for working class slavery.”

“What never ceases to amaze me with these Holy Rolling Hypocrites” Melony uttered, obviously gaining steam now “is that they consider the Christian Right their base and it is blatantly obvious not one of those fuckers has ever read the Bible!”

From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked. Luke 12:48

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