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Twenty of Two – The Infamous They – Pt. 48

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Hearing her recite the quote rather put the moment on dangerous ground. Was the woman who drug me home and hauled my ashes going to start slamming the Bible on the pulpit and shouting in revival tones?

“They certainly believe the burden should be on the slave class and not themselves. Every one of them tries to keep all of the money in the hands of the upper one percent. Remember what I told you earlier?” Melony paused to make certain she still had my full attention.

“Which particular thing?” I asked.

“A consumer economy cannot exist unless all of the money is in the hands of the consumers. It is not physically possible for it to survive. Trickle down never reaches the bottom where it needs to be. The Republicans have once again built a wood frame house without a footing on top of sand” Melony concluded.

“By the way” Melony interrupted her own conclusion, “elected officials from Illinois were part of the final version writing team for that financial ass raping of the ninety nine percent. Hopefully the good people of Illinois will see fit to remove every one of those individuals from office the next time they are up for re-election. Right now it seems like Illinois is heading in the direction of the Dark Ages and trying desperately to bring back slavery. It doesn’t bode well for the human species.”

“Why don’t politicians go to prison for mail fraud?” Melony asked out of the blue.


“Neither do I, but they commit mail and wire fraud on a regular basis so either the Postmaster or the FBI should be able to slam them behind medium security bars for a few years” she said. “I mean the last time last time this group, reportedly associated with or funded by the current governor sent out this flier about how it was going to destroy the middle class and every fact check said it was completely false. This wasn’t someone misspeaking during an interview, this was mass mailed with the sole intention of defeating a progressive income tax. Now dentists offices are closing all over the state because that tax change didn’t happen and Rauner ran for governor to keep it from happening. Maybe people will start calling horrible teeth Rauner Teeth instead of Brittish Teeth or English Teeth?”

I just kept staring into her eyes because at this point it was really difficult to tell if the sermon was over or what. I noticed quite a few of her ideas come from fringes, but, they aren’t without some basis in fact. I just didn’t want someone as fantastic in bed as she was to suddenly turn into Lorena Bobbitt.

“I do need to take a look at my stocks once I leave here though. Need to weed out some of the impending failures” I said into the air.

“You can leave now, but you will be back” Melony stated.

“I have said it many times tonight, I’m just passing through . . .”

“I know” interrupted Melony, “but you will be back and I will be here, not waiting for you, just to help you. Given what you do, odds are you will one day find yourself in a pickle jar and need me to be the fork. You will need a place to hide out or something like that . . .”

“Melony, I would never come back here and put your kids in danger . . .”

“I know. Despite what you do for a living you’re a good man. I didn’t say I’d hide you here. There are lots of places to hide you around town where nobody would ever look. Much like Detroit we now have city blocks where at most one person lives. Some day you’ll need me and I will be here.”

“People try to pretty it up with words like duty, service and honor, but, the simple truth is they send Marines to kill people too. Hear this from a Marine widow, said in all honesty. You’re a good man, whoever you are.” She re-enforced her statement with a kiss but the look in her eyes had already confirmed she meant it.

“Now, you should probably go. What time is OH SHIT! You have to go now! Sorry but there is no time for you to shower. Hurry, get dressed. I’ll pick up the living room” she said tossing on some shorts and a T-shirt along with a thin short housecoat.

As I passed Melony on the way out she blurted out “I have all the monsters for the entire weekend. That was the price of getting to go out last night. Thank God I have a basement where they can reek havoc without trashing the living room.”

She gave me a quick kiss on the lips and said softly “Thanks. I really needed last night.”

“You’re welcome m’lady” I said with an exaggerated bow. She swatted me playfully and pushed me towards the door.

I was almost back to the bar parking lot when the phone buzzed.

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