So Much for That Big Beautiful Wall!

Trump's WallJust a $100 at worth of commercially available cordless power tools and blades and you too can slice right through.

We shouldn’t be surprised that a “builder” who brings things in under budget by not paying the workers built a worthless piece of shit. You have to be more than a worthless piece of shit to build something worthwhile. He may have visited The Great Wall of China but since he has never read a book he doesn’t know just how spectacularly it has failed throughout history.

Another thing the fake reality TV star (are any of them really stars?) hasn’t really answered is just how you build a wall over multiple rivers? If it goes to the bottom of the river it’s called a dam. If it arches over the river it’s generally called a bridge. I guess he could just build an arch, but that isn’t designed to keep people out.

St. Louis Arch


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