When Did Corn King Bacon Decide to Suck?

Corn King bacon has been my favorite since childhood. Always uniform in size, fit in the frying pan, great salty taste. WTF happened? The last half dozen packages we have gotten all suck. Hell the ALDI generic bacon has much higher quality control that Corn King.

I always viewed this as a premium bacon. Perfect if you were going to cook some wild game like pheasant. A few cups of 50/50 blended Rhine wine and water poured into a roaster. Baste the bird with real butter and wrap over the top with Corn King bacon and put in the oven just like chicken. Always came out awesome.

This morning was the last straw!

It was thin, stringy, no two pieces the same thickness. Lots didn’t have the same length. Cooked down to a scrawny little strip in the center. WTF?

Sorry for the flash glare

It’s like they decided to “cut costs” by throwing out all quality control. It’s going to be ALDI generic bacon from now on because they have higher quality control.

When these strips started out many didn’t even fit in the frying pan I normally use to cook bacon. You can see just how much they shriveled up! If you take your customers for granted they will take their business elsewhere.

I’m a guy living on a farm in the Midwest. My neighbors raised hogs my entire childhood. I helped sometimes. When it comes to this part of the country, We know bacon!

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