0 For 16

I’m not a sports fan, but when you hear on the news a team just finished the season 0 for 16 even a non-fan has got to take notice. A season like that defines the absolute bottom of the league. It reminded me of my Mad Magazine reading days when they would make fun of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I knew nothing about football, but even I knew they were the bottom of the league thanks to Mad Magazine.

Thankfully some people can find the beauty and humor in sucking. There is now a Perfect Season parade sponsored by Excedrin. If you ask me, the marketing team for Coke Zero is missing a real opportunity if they don’t get in on the action. In truth, every zero calorie product is missing a golden marketing opportunity if they don’t pay to hang some banners along the parade route to get some otherwise free television time. I have a feeling that parade is going to be a spectacle worth watching.

I mean come on, the poor season ticket holders have to get something out of the season.

Maybe the Browns could hire the Miami Dolphin’s cheerleaders to make a video for them? Their “Call me Maybe” video has been viewed over 24 million times and they really do look like they are having fun in it.

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