Review – Centurion

★★★★☆ Centurion is a well done movie. The acting is great, battle scenes not without gore or intriguing parts, just an all around good package. One can forgive it for not having super hot women getting naked. It got the R rating for F-bombs and some battle gore. This movie was created in 2010 and it is definitely worth a watch now. This is a great “what have they done lately movie” that happens to also be a great movie. I added it to my list because of Olga Kurylenko.…

Katrina Shealy – The Last Real Republican

Katrina Shealy has proven to God and everyone that she is the last real Republican standing. Not a Trump Turd or a circus sicko like Rand Paul or Marjorie Taylor Greene, but a real Republican. It’s worth four minutes of your life to watch this. Thank you for stating what real Republicans believe to the last man and woman. Maybe the dumb-asses might even listen, but I doubt it. Have you considered running for President?

The Lighter Side of Trump’s Treason

Trump’s Treason has become obvious to pretty much every ardent Trump supporter who isn’t already headed to prison. Yes you hear Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham doubling down on their Trump support, trying to justify yet another coup attempt, but they are already headed to prison for their roles in the last coup attempt and other deeds. The only way they can keep out of prison is with a pardon from Trump and he cannot pardon anyone from behind bars. Adam Kinzinger said it best. When you look at some…

Review – Jennifer’s Body

★★★★☆ I first saw Jennifer’s Body years ago. The hook they had for the twelve year old boy in every man was having these two girls call each other Vagisil and Monostat. Honestly, that was the only thing I really remembered about the movie given the passage of time. It was just funny. It was crude humor in a polite, “I own it” kind of way. Hate me for it, I don’t care. I remembered that running joke and the fact I enjoyed the movie. Yes, I kind of remembered…

Trump Makes Edward Snowden Seem Like Schoolboy Prank

Been a lot of talk about Trump and the Espionage Act of 1917, not so much talk about Edward Snowden. We’ve all seen/heard Putin’s Useful Imbeciles (Rand Paul & Lindsey Graham) spouting KG Used-to-Be propaganda. Do I know that the boxes of material they took from Mar-a-Lago, that they won’t put things into those boxes to entrap him? Sen. Paul (R-Ky.) Riots in the streets! Lindsey Graham Putin’s oh-so-faithful propaganda network just can’t air enough of this stuff. Criminal prosecutors and the rest of the world has gotten wise to…

The Only Thing Will Smith Did Wrong Was Apologize

The only thing Will Smith did wrong was apologize for slapping Chris Rock. Jay Leno may have had a valid point about the profanity but it was all bleeped out on regular television so more entertaining than offensive. Chris Rock was being a bitch. He was informed he was being a bitch by a single gentlemanly slap. It wasn’t the start of a brawl. Many times the only way a bitch knows they are being a bitch is via that slap. There is no difference between what Chris Rock was…

Why Isn’t Rand Paul in Prison?

After today’s news I really have to ask “Why isn’t Rand Paul in prison?” For those who did not yet see the news, a man was sentenced to three years for threats to Fauci. This is after an armed man with a ‘hit list’ that had Fauci’s name on it was arrested in Iowa on his way to the White House.Admittedly, and sadly, this isn’t the first time Rand Paul has been written about on this blog. He is just such a disgusting individual. Most everybody saw this exchange. There…



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