Will Hurd and the Sad GOP

I will be up front, I went to the Will Hurd Web site, read through it, sent him money. I also went to the Asa Web site, read through it, didn’t send him money. Asa has two real problems: Rigged […]

Putin’s Meat Puppets

It’s amazing to sit out in the Midwest and only read occasional news. You can see Putin’s Meat Puppets spreading disinformation like a virus. Fox News can’t make even the tiniest claim journalism or integrity given the voting machine settlement […]

The Senate – The Locker Room

Personally I have nothing against Mr. John Fetterman, I just don’t want to have C-SPAN footage where the Senate looks like a locker room. Chuck Schumer should never have relaxed the dress code. This is the video footage that is […]


It’s time to join the #NoTrumpPardon movement. Take a pledge to never vote for any candidate that says they will pardon Donald Trump and follow through on it! It’s really that simple to prove you might be a real republican. […]

What Nikki Hailey Needs to Do

I haven’t delved deeply into Nikki Haley’s positions on the issues. Most Americans haven’t. The comment about trans-gender kids causing suicide ideation made Nikki Haley sound Majorie Taylor Greene crazy. That pretty much put her off my and most American’s […]