Your New Identity Theft Enabling Device

This morning I’m stunned to see news reports of people waiting with bated breath for the new Apple identity theft enabling device. I wonder where they are going to move the power plug-in this time? Genius!

I have spent 30+ years in IT. Even if you wish to write me off as having reached the cranky old man stage of life, I’m going to tell you idiot phones are the second most insecure computing device ever sold to the general public. [The first is every IOT (Internet of Things) product like Alexa and those Amazon re-order buttons. Two years ago I worked with a guy who hacked those re-order buttons just because he could. Actually, it was more than two years ago. It was right when Chrysler had to recall a bunch of vehicles because someone proved they could be hacked remotely and posted video about it to shame them into the recall.]

You now live in a post-Equifax world. Why are the remaining few who haven’t had their identity stolen making it even easier for criminals by getting idiot phones?

So, stand in line for hours. Spend a thousand dollars on a “new” phone which doesn’t really do anymore than your old phone and it can’t use the same charger as your old phone. Oh, don’t read that “feature” list to me. You’re going to play with that stuff for a couple of days, watching the battery vaporize, then you will be right back to just making phone calls and occasionally surfing the Web.



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