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It’s Deja Vu All Over Again!

It was hilarious watching the Greg Abbott news conference on ABC 7 news. “Fully prepared for the power to stay on.” We’ve been hearing all year how Texas Republicans were too busy cashing lobbyist checks, drinking their booze and eating their food to actually do any work. Oh, and continually spewing criminal fraud about completely dis-proven wide spread election fraud. Yes, at this point, when you are uttering that to the media and in an official role, it is criminal fraud.

Trump Turds just can’t help themselves. They were born turds and the best they can hope for is to float to the top of the septic tank. You knew it was going to happen the minute the Trump Turd opened his mouth. Uproxx confirmed it this morning.

70,000 without power

Uproxx report

Now we just need to hear that Senator Cancun went to the beach again!

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I’ve lived in Illinois all my life. Despite all of the bribes ComEd allegedly paid Madigan we don’t have catastrophic power plant outages. All year we’ve been hearing about how Texas Republicans haven’t done jack shit to improve the grid. Just had more meetings so they could cash more checks and eat more lobbyist food.


Yes, we have outages. Chicago had a famous one I had to walk down 23 flights of stairs in the dark from when Mayor Daily’s good buddy didn’t size the transformer stations in the city to handle a 24-hour period where nobody’s air conditioner turned off or “cycled” as it is called. We are used to an ice storm that takes down some lines and the occasional fool that slides off the road taking out a pole.

On the farm many years ago we installed a Kohler stand-by generator. Why? We are the second to last customer on our line. I don’t think ComEd has a hundred customers on our line. When it is ice or a fool we are dead last when it comes to priority. We adapted.

What we don’t have in Illinois is Greg Abbott sized power plants going down all over.

Trump Turds. They just don’t have any connection to reality. Our propane and natural gas fired power plants don’t freeze in Illinois. It isn’t rocket science. You just have to stop cashing lobbyist checks, drinking lobbyist booze, and eating lobbyist food long enough to properly design a power plant. Take one of the designs from Illinois or Minnesota. They work!

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