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Hello All,

You’ve already seen Ollie seen Ollie’s post that he is buried writing two books to deadline while converting yet another title to audio (never ever ever ever ever work for a publisher!) Greg has been busy writing a new book and being Grampa. I took a geek contract which is consuming the vast majority of my time. I get to the office between 7-8am (okay, 4am on the days I can’t sleep) take a short break for lunch and supper and leave the office with a brain of mush sometime around 8-8:30pm 6 days per week. Sunday is my only day for writing and it is being assaulted by family obligations. “Twenty of Two” is still moving forward, but at roughly 2 hours per week . . . not the mad rush of pages it began as.

Infinite Exposure book cover

Until one of us comes up for air or the others who never started writing here wish to join in, this will be the posting schedule. (Yeah, we actually had a schedule…)

Monday and Tuesday will be serialized portions of “Infinite Exposure.” No, it won’t be the entire book. That book is finished, edited, and published. If you decide you like what you read here you can opt to buy it.

Thursday and Friday will be serialzied portions of “Twenty of Two.” Until I climb out of this rabbit hole, that is about as much content as I can push out.

Sunday will continue to be one of my “thought pieces.” Don’t get your undies in a bunch. I write many of those thought pieces early in the year. I had them done up and scheduled through the end of June before I took this “short” contract.

That leaves Wednesday and Saturday as either gaps or places the others can drop a bit of content into if they need a break from current obligations.

I suspect this schedule will only last for a few to six months. Given the way writing and IT projects go, we should be coming up for air and getting back to the blog by then.

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