Worst Raisin Container in the History of Man

Sun-Maid raisin containerI like raisins. I like prunes. I like a great many things, but many of my posts make me seem like a cranky old man. This post isn’t going to fix that problem. I will be the first to admit that Sun-Maid isn’t the only brand of raisins using this, the world’s worst container. They used to come in a box which had some kind of plastic or wax paper bag inside. Try as you might, the raisins all dry out in the fridge.

Next they went to some kind of plastic/wax paper bag in the box with tape to re-seal. Maybe, if you took out a full two cups to start with, the tape actually would reseal the bag. Those of us who just took a palm full as a snack came back to find really dried out raisins in a couple of days.

Lately they’ve started using these flimsy cardboard tube-like containers with a really solid plastic lid. So what? The package is so flimsy if you grab the lid to lift the container out of the shelf in the door the lid stays in your hand and the container cluster-bombs onto the floor. Oh yes, the raisins dry out even faster in this container. Why? Because that lid doesn’t seal at all. If there wasn’t a glued on film covering the top when you first open it you would always have dried out raisins.

Is it really so difficult to cut a deal with one of the companies which makes zipper sealing bags and have them make one which fits in the box you wish to ship? Put the bag in the box, dump the raisins in the bag, zip it shut then seal the box. Admittedly I’m a software geek, but, that really does sound like something an automated assembly line could do. Someone would have to watch it to make certain everything didn’t go sideways, but . . . your customer wouldn’t be dealing with dried out raisins.

Yes! I know the mom trick of putting the box of raisins in a Tupperware container before putting them into the fridge, but you shouldn’t have to. They could even fix what they have by putting a thin aluminum (or other metal) ring at the top like many small coffee cans do. The flimsy cardboard container would then keep its shape where it needs to keep its shape, at the point of seal.

Admit it. If you are a raisin snacker, not a baker, you’ve had to throw away half full containers because they get so dried out no force could pry them out of the bottom.

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