Presidential Debate 2024
Thank You Sir May I Have Another

Did You Watch The Presidential Debate?

I watched a little over ten minutes, maybe more, of the first 2024 Presidential debate. Biden was staring off into the distance like an old man who got lost a block from home. Trump was completely untethered from reality. It was plainly obvious Trump was suffering a full-on dementia storm. It was either that or he was deliberately trying to commit wire fraud with every other breath.

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Dementia Storm

I’m sure there is a proper medical term for it but I don’t care to look it up. Having had a father and grandmother who both suffered from dementia prior to passing, Dementia Storm is what everyone I know calls it.

That period of time when a dementia patient is almost completely disconnected from reality while being either highly animated or agitated. During this period of time efforts to redirect them will be unsuccessful.

Dementia Storm

When you are either a relative or care giver and don’t have “happy drugs” to pass out, all you can really do is make certain they are in an environment where they cannot hurt themselves, and leave. If there is any external stimulus from a person or even television, the storm will grow in strength. It seems to feed on attention. Isolating it causes the storm to subside, or, if you prefer, quickly run its course. Been a few years since I had to watch a full-on dementia storm, but I watched it during the Presidential Debate.

Ignoring Questions During Presidential Debate

I’ve pointed out Trump’s dementia before, so have others. During the debate it was on full display. Of the time I watched, the absolute worst was when Trump was asked about Vladimir Putin and Ukraine. He responds with a completely baseless rant about the southern border! Mentions nothing about Putin or Ukraine. It wasn’t just once that Trump existed in his own little universe.

Nikki Haley

I waited until there was a lot of talk about Biden stepping aside to write this post. Actually I waited until Nikki Haley issued her warning about Biden not being the candidate. There was hope that someone had reached out to her from the Democratic Party and asked her to accept the Presidential nomination. Hope has grown stronger given the news of all these governors meeting with Biden today or soon.

No, the current Vice President can’t beat Trump’s ass in a general. She’s mostly been on the rubber chicken circuit without getting strong national name recognition. There is a possibility Illinois governor Pritzker could do it. During the pandemic he was a better president than Trump and he comes from a family with deep pockets.

Honestly, getting Nikki to cross party lines is the best bet. Reagan Republicans are solidly behind her. So much that they handed Trump’s hand-picked candidate in Utah an ass waxing recently. Moderate Dems can tolerate her, even voted for her during the primary. Pair her with someone like J.B. Pritzker as VP and it is a real ticket.


To the last living person, everyone who watched the debate or part thereof believes they are both too damned old.

With a New York jury finding Trump raped E. Jean Carroll, 34 felony convictions, and the dementia on full display during the Presidential Debate, how could anyone give Trump clearance, let alone nuclear launch codes?

We need a real Presidential candidate and actual governing. AI has to be regulated now, not after Trump gets done bobbing on Putin’s nob.

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