I Love Basquetti

Early in my life, before school started, I picked up the habit/belief the real name for the dish in the image was Ba’squetti (pronounced bah-sket-ti.) It was far more belief than habit and I had a stubbornness which didn’t begin to mellow until I reached the far side of thirty.

As a result of this belief and stubbornness I got to endure going to speech therapy during a school year while other kids did something else. It wasn’t a burden. Actually I thought it was kind of cool to get out of class. There was another girl who went with me. They would show me the pictures and I would dutifully say every “sp” word just fine until we got to spaghetti where I would gleefully say Ba’squetti!

I forget just how long the therapy went on for, but, eventually, everyone (well, everyone involved with assigning me to speech therapy) realized that this was the first name I learned for it and I wasn’t willing to change the name just to bend to local custom.

Paul Ryan imageThat same stubborn streak both served me well and made some things in life more difficult. For instance, when politicians go on television and commit wire fraud calling the recently passed tax plan a real benefit for the working class when in reality it is a complete ass raping for working stiffs, I feel obligated to point it out. Yes, if you guessed that is part of where Melony’s rant came from in “Twenty of Two,” you would be correct. I’ve yet to hear that Paul Ryan or President Trump have been sent to speech therapy for a school year to correct their terminology. Every politician which insists on calling something what it obviously is not should be sent to speech therapy for a school year with each session live on CSPAN so tax payers could ensure elected officials are being properly educated.

Likewise, when IT hucksters and “management consultants” run around spouting the virtues of the AGILE methodology I am compelled to point out it is nothing more than a new way to commit accounting fraud. No, that is not too harsh a criticism, that is exactly why corporate American and our institutions of lower education are pushing it on the world. It’s how you violate SOX compliance, still get to commit accounting fraud and manage to avoid prison time for the fraud. Oh no, one simple blog post is not enough to point that out. There is an entire book “The Phallus of AGILE and Other Ruminations” which _should_ be published this year. While anyone will be able to read it, I will initially market it to the followers of my geek books.

America has played fast and loose with far too many names for the same thing. Perhaps the world has, but I know America has. Using a completely different name and a fuzzy, vague definition to avoid reality.

Are you old enough to remember when starch was declared a bad thing some time in the late 1970s? Then in the 1980s those same health experts, unwilling to admit they had talked out their ass started declaring complex carbohydrates good for you. Few in the general public bothered to vet out the fact complex carbohydrates were these same starches the so-called experts had told us to stop eating less than a decade earlier.

Remember when the religious terrorists, you know, the kind of people who put Ted Cruz in office, were on a crusade to bring back Prohibition? (Okay, that never really ended even after its repeal, but it has gotten vicious over the past decade.) Now medical science has proven time and again a few drinks help your heart, liver and various other biological units. Still, they try to bring back Prohibition but now they chip away at it from the sides. Dropping the blood alcohol content for a DUI to a level where you almost cannot walk through a room that happens to have a glass of wine in it and pass a test. They also continually declare “Sin Taxes” good, upping the taxes on everything which makes life worth living just to try and purge it, yet their religion should pay no tax. Each and every one of them convinced they are “doing God’s work.”

Here’s a clue from the Ba’squetti seats:

Adolf Hitler believed he was doing God’s work too. Every terrorist group in the world, both the ones we are currently fighting and the ones putting their leaders into public office in this country, have that same belief and utter that same mantra.

Lead your life as you want and quit *(^)(*&)ing with everybody else. You are the one messing up the universe, not the ones who will enjoy their short time here and if those things really are bad for them, die before you. It’s time you listened to the best song The Grateful Dead ever wrote.

Okay, maybe this one is their best, but that one fit the post.


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